17 Apr 2015

Looking for a New Sofa

I haven't had the best luck with my sofa purchases.  The sofa we have in our living room now was a custom piece that got completely botched.  It was made too short, too high and the back cushions were the wrong shape.  I probably should have returned the sofa to the manufacturer in the very beginning.  We ended up keeping the sofa since we weren't able to get our deposit back (which thankfully wasn't very much) and I didn't trust the manufacturer to make another sofa.  So in the end we decided to live with the sofa and in the meantime look for another.  It's been a few years now and I finally have a new sofa being delivered today!  Botched sofa designs can be quite traumatic! ;)  

For those of you who have read the blog for some time, you may remember that our sofa originally had a wooden frame along the bottom:

This is what the sofa looks like now without the wood frame.  Sorry for the instagram photo of our messy living room!  I had hubby cut small blocks from leftover cedar post material for the legs and it has helped with the height quite a bit.

My original plan was for the living room sofa to be much longer.  I think it is about 20 inches shorter than what I ordered.  I'm now looking for a sofa that is over 100".  It's pretty hard to find unless you go for a sectional.  Hubby is all for the sectional so he can put his feet up, by the way.  One thing that I noticed about sectionals is that I prefer one that has the chaise option rather than a full return.  I also find that I prefer a sectional that is longer than 110" so that the sofa part (sans chaise) has enough room to breathe and to accommodate a coffee table.   I've gathered up some of the sofas that have caught my eye.  I think I'm leaning toward the more minimal and leggy options like #1, but a dream sofa could very well be Muuto's rest sofa (#2) below.  Hubby is not as much of a fan of the pink option though!  

The sofa's above range quite a bit in price: 1, 3, 5(love the black metal legs on this one) are in a medium range and 2, 4, 6 are a little pricier.  I think they're all really lovely and all have a different interpretation of Scandinavian and Modern Styles.  Which is your favourite?  I'll share the one we got soon.  You may even get a peek at it on Instagram.


  1. I agree with Cassie! I can see that one being a really great family hang out spot :)

  2. Difficult decision.
    The ones I like are 1, 4 and 6.
    But 4 seems super comfortable.

  3. Wow, but that's really a cute sofa, I love the grey and wood combination, What do you think about this one ? it has those wooden legs that I love so much http://www.indieinterior.com/?p=166&. But I do agree the pink Muuto is just perfect.

  4. The first thing to do when choosing a new new sofa is to measure up to see how much space you have available. However, it's also important to ensure that your new sofa will fit through your front door, your hallway and any connecting doors as well, so don't forget to measure these too.

  5. I like no. 2. I like 4, but it doesn't have legs like 2. I have a thing with legs on a couch. Something I'm realizing just now! :)

  6. Number four is my favorite You could match it with all kinds of colors!

  7. I love #2 (and surprisingly I really love the color, too! I'm not usually into pinks). It's tailored but still comfy and inviting looking and I've never seen anything like it before!

  8. all lovely finds! even though these are sectionals they still look sleek...a hard combo to find! can't wait to see what you picked.


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