16 Feb 2015

Sauna/Bathroom Progress - Tiles

Happy Family day to my Canadian friends.  We're spending the day working on my mom's kitchen renovation.  Tech Guy and myself spent much of yesterday pulling up flooring to get ready for the new hardwoods for her hallway and kitchen.  My brother-in-law is coming down to help with her renovation and we're hoping we can get it all done pretty efficiently.  I'm going to share more details and some progress on her kitchen later this week if all goes well.

Today, however, I'm going to fill you in on the progress that has been happening in our basement sauna/bathroom.  I shared this peek at the tiles on instagram last week.
We've actually had these tiles for over 2 years already because of many delays with our basement (replacing the sewage pipe, waterproofing the entire foundation, deciding to switch to radiant floor heating, our kitchen renovation...).  We're finally working on the basement again.  We've had to focus on the sauna/bathroom first since our main bathroom shower has a leak that requires us to pull out vintage valves, faucets and tile that cannot easily be replaced.  In other words, in order to repair our main bath upstairs, we have to redo the entire bathroom!  We don't have another shower/bath in our house since we took out the basement bath a long time ago when we had our sewage problem so the basement bathroom has to be functional so that we have a bathroom to use.  It's always one thing after another in our old ranch!
This is the current plan for our basement.  What we have finished so far is the radiant floor heating, concrete floors and drywall in the guest room.  We still need to drywall the entire basement, but we will first be focusing on the sauna/laundry/bathroom.  Adding the laundry to this space is a change from our original plan to have a separate laundry room.  When we framed the bathroom and sauna I noticed that there was plenty of room for the washing machine and dryer.  I even have a little alcove/closet to the right as you enter the space where I will organize some laundry baskets.  I'm loving the idea of having everything all neat and tidy in one space.

If you haven't scrolled down already, here's a first look at the tiles installed!

I decided on these finishes over two years ago now so I was a little worried that my taste may have changed since then, but I'm actually super thrilled with the look.  I like the differences in scale of the two tiles.  The floor tiles are 2" carrara marble hex and the wall tiles are super big subway tiles.  You can also see that we've started installing the fixtures as well.  We went with the classic Kohler Purist fixtures in chrome.  I had my eye on the Dorn Bracht Tara faucets in matte black, but I couldn't justify the price for a basement bathroom.  I actually am trying to convince the hubby that we should have these fixtures sprayed black.  He's not on board. :) We also haven't installed the hand shower yet as we're waiting on the wall union to arrive.  Don't mind the orange pipe!

Here you can see how rough the space still is.  We need drywall ASAP!  The opening is to the sauna.  The blue wood studs will be clad in some lovely light wood (I believe it's aspen?).  There will be a glass panel on the outside of the shower and another glass door to the sauna.   All to be ordered once the drywall is in place.

To the left of the shower will be the vanity.  I'm having it made by the same gentleman who made our kitchen cupboards and I'm hoping to go with a light wood there as well.  Here are a couple of vanity inspiration photos:

I love how the grain of the wood is running vertically in both.  I've also ordered a wall mounted faucet.  I think these photos give a good idea of the style/feel that I'm going for.

That's the update on our basement bathroom.  Our focus is going to be switching to my mom's eighties kitchen over the next couple of weeks, but I can't wait to get back to finishing this space soon!  I need a sauna before the winter is over!


  1. OMG those tiles look gorgeous installed and I can't believe you've had them for 2 years already!

  2. Love both the tiles you chose, and the showerhead too!

  3. really beautiful progress so far! i think your finishes are timeless...so lovely.


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