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6 Feb 2015

Hugs, Kisses and Donuts?!

This is the first year of classroom Valentines for my big boy.  I decided for this first year that we would make our own Valentine's cards to give out.  While perusing the Valentine's Day selection at Target (that is now officially liquidating here in Canada, sniff, sniff!) I came across some cute donut and ice cream erasers which got me to thinking about some kind of a donut-themed Valentine.  I also wanted to include a photo on his card and came up with the idea of making a donut xoxo banner where the donuts are the "o"s.  Today I'm going to share some of the fun shots we got with his xoxo banner and the how to.  Next week I'll share the Valentine's card and little treats we came up with.  This project was super easy to do with my little man and the end result couldn't be cuter.

DIY Donut XOXO Banner

  • cardstock in various colours including a light brown for the donut (I used a manila file folder)
  • two round objects or a compass to draw circles (I used a bowl for the outer circle and the end of a candlestick for the inner circle)
  • tape
  • twine
  • scissors and glue
How To:

For each donut:
  1. trace a large circle onto the light brown card stock and cut it out
  2. Trace a small circle in the centre of the large circle and cut it out
  3. repeat step 1-2 with a contrasting colour (e.g., pink) for the frosting.  Then cut a scalloped edge around the outside of the circle to mimic the icing. 
  4. Cut narrow strips of paper from various card stock pieces and then cut the strips into short pieces to create the sprinkles
  5. Glue all the pieces together:  the frosting onto the donut and the sprinkles onto the frosting (we just used a glue stick)
  6. Tape the "x"s (see note below to download the "x" template) and donuts onto a piece of twine spacing evenly (you could also hot glue them onto the twine).
**Note: the "x" template can be found here (via simple as that blog).  Just trace the template onto card stock and cut out to create the "x"s.

I'm quite smitten with the donut banner we made and with my little banner models most of all.  Enjoy your weekend friends and let me know if you decide to make a donut banner of your own (feel free to email me or tag me on Facebook or instagram @nalleshouse).  I'm always happy to see your creations!

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  1. this is adorable! who doesn't love kisses and donuts!

    1. They're both pretty great! ;)

  2. This must be done, I totally love it ❤

    1. Thanks so much Suveliina! Oh, do share if you make one. :)

  3. genius! my kids will love this idea!

    1. Wonderful! I would love to see their creation(s). :)

  4. Super cute and OH MY WORD how the boys have grown! Especially Co Pilot! Hugs to all!

    1. Thanks Ina! I wish I could stop them from growing. The little one is getting really tall.

  5. Just so so cute. Love all the photos again too

  6. How adorable!!! What little sweeties :) Cute banner too! Very clever.

  7. Anu it's ADORABLE! I love that he helped put the sprinkles on :) This is seriously the cutest banner ever.


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