30 Jun 2014

I Scream for Ice Cream and a Printable Calendar

If you follow me on instagram you may already know that we're on vacation again this year in Boston and Cape Cod.  The weather has been perfect and it has been nice to relax a little.  Half of our kitchen cabinets arrived the week we left for our vacation.  So there's a lot of work waiting for us when we get home. 
I'm popping in today to share the printable calendar for July.  I decided to go with an ice cream design this month.  My boys and I love our ice cream and I thought it was fitting for the summer.  I've also added a few pictures to the end of this post of a little trip we took to an ice cream farm as evidence of our ice cream obsession (thanks Ina, for the recommendation).  I've put the calendar here at the top of the post in case you're not as obsessed with ice cream and/or my boys as Mummu and I are. :)  Here's the calendar displayed in my diy wood veneer calendar:

Your printable will look like this.  I put the green border around it as a cutting guide, but I think you could use it with the border too.

I've made both English and Finnish versions.  Click on the images below to get your copy. *these calendars are for personal use only*

And for those of you who may want to see some photos of the boys and/or a cute ice cream farm continue on….

We stayed in the outskirts of Boston for a couple of days before heading to the Cape.  It was a little easier than staying right downtown as we were able to get a hotel room with a small kitchen which was really helpful for meals with the boys.  One of the days we decided to drive up to Kimball Farm for some ice cream.  It was a super cute set up with ice cream, an old tractor and some animals.  I'm staring off my post with some ice cream hand holding.  Co-pilot is staring longingly at that ice cream, isn't he?

So folks, this is what we call a kiddie scoop in America!?  The boys shared this one.

This was my kiddie scoop of raspberry chocolate chip.  I was almost  able to finish it.

Just in case, you were worried that Co-pilot didn't get any. :)

Tech Guy ordered a single scoop and couldn't even finish half of it.  

In addition to the tractors, the boys loved the animals.  They could have watched the animals all day.  It really was a fun little outing that ticked off a lot of the things my little guys liked including ice cream, vehicles and animals.

Here's one last handholding photo for you.  It seems like whenever I tell Little Pilot to stand for a photo with his brother he thinks he has to hold his hand.

 I hope you like this month's calendar and don't mind me indulging in some photos of my boys and ice cream.  Have a great week everyone!


  1. Mmmmm Yum :) a whole post dedicated to ice cream, now that is my kind of post :) I love ice cream :) Great pictures Anu :)

  2. You come up with the best little graphic ideas. So pretty and your photos are adorable again.

  3. Love the July calendar. And that is a giant kiddie scoop! Looks like a great time.

  4. Ice cream makes the world a better place. love love love


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