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13 Jun 2014

DIY Luggage Tag Brag Book

Today, I have a DIY to share that would make a perfect father's day gift, but really it would be a great gift for any parent, grandparent, aunt, etc. anytime of the year.  I realize this may be a little late for most of you to make in time for Father's Day this weekend, but it can be made in one afternoon if you would like to try it. :)  

Tech Guy has recently started travelling more for his business and I thought a luggage tag brag book would be a fun way for him to carry a few pictures of the boys with him.  I made the brag book from a thrifted leather card holder, some heavy weight bristol board, leather cord and twine.  I'm super pleased with the outcome.
Tech Guy preferred to have his name and number only on the tag as he was going to attach it to his carry-on.  I made a little tag in photoshop with his info and a little 'logo' that sports some arrows, his initials and airplanes.

 I was lucky enough to find a high quality, leather card holder made by Roots.  I really like that it was already worn in.

I glued photos on both sides of the pages:

 Here's how I made the luggage tag brag book:

- leather card holder
- wallet sized photos
- heavy weight bristol board (photo safe kind can be found in the painting section of the craft store)
- leather cord
- twine
- rotary wheel cutter/exacto knife
- leather punch
- single hole paper punch
- fabric glue

 How To:

1. Cut the card holder in half lengthwise to create the covers for your luggage tag.  Remove the card holder pockets from either side of the card holder.
2. Use the pockets pieces (that you removed above) to cut four equal strips.
3.  Use these strips to create a picture frame around the back of each cover.  You will need to trim two of strips to the width of the cover and miter all the edges at 45 degrees.  Glue the pieces to create you border.  For the front cover piece place a piece of card stock (with your identifying information) on the back before you glue on the border.
 4. Cut your pages (I used four) from the bristol board 1/4" narrower and shorter than your finished covers.
5.  Next glue on your photos to the pages.  You may need to trim your wallet-sized photos a little if you would like a boarder around them.
6.  Punch a hole at the top of each of the pages and use a leather punch to punch a hole in the covers.  (If you don't have a leather punch you may be able to cut a hole using a exacto knife)
7.  Sandwich your photo pages between the leather covers and thread the leather cord through the holes and create a loop by tying the ends together.
8.  Lastly, tie some twine around the base of the cord loop to keep the pages from moving up and down the leather cord.
9.  Attach to your bag and show off your family to everyone!

 Here are a couple of pictures of it in action. ;)  You also get a sneak peek at the almost finished entry.

Happy Father's Day!

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  1. What a great gift. Love your enty way too. So pretty!

  2. That's awesome! What a cool idea!

  3. Great idea! Super cute! We would love for you to come and link up with us at Your Designs This Time! http://elizabethjoandesigns.com/2014/06/designs-time-no-14/

  4. what a lovely gift! and, yes, that leather is worn in perfectly :)


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