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23 May 2014

A Marimekko Entry - Part One

I've finally started my front entry project!  It's about time, I know!  I've had this space planned out for a few months now, but for some reason or another (many very valid like an ice jam and kitchen renovation) I didn't get a start on it until this week.  Getting to the point where I have the wallpaper on the walls has been quite the undertaking.  If you remember our entry before, we had some DIY board and batten on the walls and taking that down meant we had to do a lot of drywall repair work.  It took several days to get the walls smooth enough to paint and wallpaper.

I'm super pleased with the wallpaper.  It is Marimekko Ruutukaava and it's perfect!  I took these photos just after I finished hanging the wallpaper.  The baseboards are off, the light fixture and floors are covered in drywall dust and the cover plates are off the switches.  It's still a very rough space and very much in the initial stages of my design, but I was too excited about the paper not to show you. :)  I am replacing the light fixture and adding hooks and some storage to the space.

I'm not an expert on hanging wallpaper, but thought I'd share a couple of tips that I found helpful when I hung my wallpaper.  Prior to hanging this wallpaper, I had only hung some pre pasted wallpaper before.  Here's what I did:
1) I started with walls that were freshly plastered, primed and painted.
2) I pre measured and cut my wallpaper strips to make sure that my pattern would match.  You will have to leave extra length at both the top and the bottom that you will trim off after you have hung your strip.  I found it easiest to work with two rolls of paper when cutting the strips since I could match the pattern while I measured and cut.
3)  I started hanging my wallpaper at the door frame and worked out in both directions.  This was so that I wasn't cutting a section out of a long strip to go over the door.  It just so happened that 2 widths of wallpaper fit over the double doors.  I also found managing small strips above the door was much easier.

5) I applied paste to the back of the paper using a brush and foam roller.  I then booked the paper by folding either end up to the middle.  When I went to hang the paper I first unfolded the top portion and got it smoothly in place using a wallpaper smoothing tool and then unfolded the bottom and smoothed it into place.  I found this helped keep the paste from drying too quickly while trying to match the pattern.

6) To cut the excess paper at the top and bottom I used the straight edge of a wide putty knife and exacto knife.

7) After hanging all the full width strips, I had two small widths to fill in at either end.  I was able to cut both widths from one length of wallpaper and hung them the same way as the full width strips

Here's a look at one of the edges.  It kind of looks like I left a white strip of wall, but it's really a corner moulding.  You can see it better in the progress shot above.

I'm really hoping to get some more of the entry finished this weekend.  I've got the hooks ready to go and I'm trying to snag a deal on a light fixture today.  The deck is also coming along.  There was a little mix up in the way some of the boards were put down so there's been some delays.  I still owe you all the details on that project and its coming soon.

P.S. Did you see the Marimekko collection for Banana Republic?  I ordered this skirt and am wishing I had ordered the sweater too.  It's selling out so fast!

*I received this wallpaper as a gift from Wall Paper Direct

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  1. ooh, nice! I never would have noticed the missing baseboards had you not pointed them out, so mesmerized am I buy your fabulous wallpaper! Can't wait to see what else you do in here!

  2. Love how you tackled this project. It looks fabulous. I am right behind you in wallpapering my entry way. So exciting :)

  3. I think that's the coolest wallpaper ever! And the best part is that it's Marimekko! WOHOOO! You did an amazing job with it. I don't really like putting wallpaper in. I've done it twice before and I don't fancy doing it again...... (never say never). But your entry way is looking already so stylish! I'm sure you are super happy. I'm very happy for you too. Can't wait to see the finished product. :)

  4. Oh I so love this. Makes me actually want to get out my Sharpie and go to town on my walls again. So good

  5. This looks amazing! It's so you and so simple yet so graphic. Just perfect!

  6. I love this wallpaper and especially love your tips. I have always been afraid of wallpaper.

  7. Wow, Anu! This is incredibly stunning!!

  8. I adore it- its oh so you!

  9. Wow! That pattern is amazing. For a second there I thought you had sharpied the whole wall!
    It looks perfect!

  10. Love that wallpaper... and I'm really anti-wallpaper right now because our new (old) house is full of it, lol. This is good wallpaper though :) Can't wait to see more!
    - Lora

  11. Wow this looks fantastic! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams starts on Fridays :D Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.

  12. You couldn't have picked a more perfect wallpaper for your house! I love it!

  13. So beautiful. I love this Marimmeko wallpaper.

  14. It's stunning! I love the pattern you picked out. I was excited about BR doing some Marimmeko printed designs. So beautiful!

  15. Gasp! That looks so awesome Anu :) Great fun pattern!

  16. I'm completely in love with that wallpaper! Cannot wait to see the space finished.

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  17. It really is so perfect! Great selection! Perfect execution!

  18. Just beautiful. Wow. Thinking of where I would want to hang this in my house... A couple small walls seem to be calling my name!


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