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28 May 2014

A Birthday Gift Sans Gift Wrap

A few weeks ago (when it was still cold and rainy) the boys got to go to their dear friend's ice cream themed birthday party.  I ended up finding a great gift that went perfectly with the theme and I came up with a pretty creative way to wrap out gift.

 Our gift consisted of this wooden ice cream cone toy

and a kids apron from Target.  I couldn't find an image of the one we bought, but this one below is another cute ice cream cone option.  The kids apron we bought from target had a ruffle detail.

I wrapped the toy using the apron.  The ties worked well to create a bow in the front, the apron's neck loop went around the box handle and the ruffle detail ended up creating a small "skirt" for our present.  I didn't use any paper or extra ribbons.  A pretty green gift wrap, I would say. :)  

To cover up the exposed handle, some card stock circles were taped on with the letters of the birthday girl's name written on them.

Little Pilot also made a matching ice cream birthday card.  We simply cut out some half circles out of construction paper and glued them on top of a drawn ice cream cone.

If you have an excited child like I did, a little tape may have held the top part of the apron a little better in place (you can see it wrinkling a bit).

The party itself was super cute and my friend Jenny always comes up with the best decorations and party games.  Here are the boys having some fun at the party.


  1. Super cute! Love that the present matched the theme!

  2. Great idea! And love your happy kiddos

  3. I love wooden food sets! Cute way ti wrap it!

  4. oh yay! i'm glad to see a photo was taken of lucy's adorable gift... before she unwrapped it ;)
    ... so i really have to get on that birthday post... ha!

  5. That is a fabulous gift wrap. Love it. That party looks smashing. I love a good ice cream party!

  6. Love that you wrapped it with the apron. So clever. And what a fun party...love the ice cream bowling :)

  7. Love the ice cream cone bowling. And such a great gift idea. I'm sure it was loved.

  8. Very Asian in wrapping the gift with fabric! I like their idea of ice creme bowling1

  9. LOVVVVVE that fabric. What an adorable little party!


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