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2 Mar 2014

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 Happy March!  February just flew by.  It has been so cold around here that the boys and I have mostly hung around indoors.  I did take Little Pilot skating three times this week (indoors).  He's learnt to get up on his own and walk a little on the ice.

Both boys love their books.  Co-pilot loves any book with cars/trucks.  Little Pilot has really started to "read" his books on his own.  He's memorized his favourites and when he reads a Curious George book he knows just how to start it:  "Vili on kelpo pieni apina ja aina hyvin utelias".  It's in Finn, of course, but it's the line that starts every Curious George book about George being very curious.

Both my boys do this when they're concentrating.  They curl their toes as if to try and get a better grip on the floor.

And since I showed you Little Pilot's curled toes, how about Co-pilot's double criss cross?

Another week with my boys.  

At the house I've been hanging some pictures in the boys' room and am still finalizing our kitchen design.  We're having trouble sourcing the exact appliances we want.  In addition, I noticed a large bubble in our kitchen ceiling this week, which likely means we have some damage from our ice jam. :( Depending on how bad it is we may be replacing all the ceilings!  This has spurred Tech Guy into contemplating vaulting our ceilings or even adding a second storey to our house.  If any of those pan out, it looks like we're heading into a much larger reno than planned.  It's all a little overwhelming at the moment.  I just thought I'd let you all know why some of my great decorating (entry)/reno(kitchen) plans are on pause for the moment.  I'm really hoping for some answers with respect to what will be happening soon.  

I hope you all have a wonderful week!


  1. they are just the cutest! and your photos are amazing!

  2. Oh no, bubble doesn't sound good :/ Old houses has their faults, we are renovating my boyfriends grandmas "rintamamiestalo" from the sixties, and last thursday, about a week before we planned to start renewing all the plumbing, we noticed fluid from the sewer on our basement floor. It was coming from somewhat 20 cm below the floor, so we had to rush to borrow some heavy tools to open the whole area. All weekend went on just drilling the floor, hopefully there isn't any serious problem... Good luck for your reno, and just hope that you don't need to build your house all over again ;)

    1. Oh dear! We had a sewer back up in our basement which is what originally triggered our basement reno that is still ongoing. I hope that it's not as bad as ours was. We had to dig out the whole sewage line.

  3. February really did fly by. I can't believe it's March. I love the picture of those chubby legs and feet. So cute!

  4. Baby feet make my heart melt.

  5. Love the adorable shot on the stool. Baby feet and legs are the BEST


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