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16 Mar 2014

11 / 52

This past week just flew by and I'm a little late getting the boys' pictures posted here.  We had a pretty typical week with a little boo-boo (made better with a cars bandaid), napping and some fun with Nalle.
"a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014"


  1. Good thing a fun little bandaid can make it all better! x

  2. Love the photos with Nalle! Doesn't get cuter than that.

  3. Ha--love Nalle with an airplane on his head--good dog!

  4. Nothing like landing a plane on a puppy forehead :)

  5. I know Nalle is very patient with the boys but can't help wondering what's going through his head when they put stuff on his head and play. :) Gimli often has a look on his face that could translate to "Not again!"

  6. You take such wonderful pictures. Love all the light you are catching. Your photos are so wonderful!!


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