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22 Feb 2014

8 / 52

Happy weekend!  This week's photos of the boys in their room right before I decided to paint out the stripes.  I love the new white paint colour I chose, but the six coats of primer/paint sure took a lot of time/naptimes.  I'll be sure to share some of the progress later this week.  There's a sneak peek of the wall colour on instagram.  

The boys love to play in the crib together.  It can get pretty wild at times. :)  They also love to make a little fort/house by draping a blanket over the top.  They were moving around so much that most of my photos were out of focus like the last one (shutter speed/camera shake on my part).  Nonetheless, sometimes the not so perfect shots tell the story best.

"a photo of my children, every week, once a week, in 2014"


  1. I love the fort building and the new white wall is awesome!!

  2. love the crib fort and love seeing these photos every week :)

  3. So cute. They look like they are having a serious conversation in the first photo.

  4. My two love to play in the crib together too...sleeping...not so much! But their fav thing is to sing "5 little monkeys jumping on the bed"...I'm afraid our crib won't handle it much longer! Can't wait to see the new room!



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