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30 Oct 2013

FAMILY: 3 Years

I'm just under the wire for getting Little Pilot's yearly photos up here on the blog before his birthday month is over!  He did really well for me during the photo shoot and I am so glad that I was able to capture his personality in many of the pictures.

At three years-old, Little Pilot is full of energy and spunk.  He also has a "Pikku Vanha" (literal translation = "little old" ) side to him.  He can talk about airplanes with his Pappa like a grown up and I often find myself sitting at the dinner table listening to him chatter on and on about everything that has happened.  It is quite amusing and I can get totally lost just listening to him. <3  Little Pilot still loves airplanes most and his toy airplanes are what he largely plays with.  He has started to make up his own songs although none of them really have a tune (he must have gotten his singing talent from me). ;)  His sense of humour is great.  He loves to try to make people laugh by doing silly things.  Little Pilot also still has a sensitive side to him.  He tends to be equally fascinated with and scared of certain things (e.g., lawn mowers).  He really loves to please others and is always trying to make sure that guests are taken care of.   I don't think we've gotten over the "terrific" twos, but I have noticed that he is starting to understand consequences more.  

I've noticed that Little Pilot is beginning to learn to play with his little brother.  There are still times when he can get too rough and tries dragging Co-pilot around.  It really is wonderful to see the two of them begin to share toys and "chase" each other around the house.  "Chase" usually involves Little Pilot lapping Co-pilot by a couple of laps around the house.

Now that Little Pilot turned three, he is able to go to the "big kids" Sunday School and I was so happy that he loved his first time there.  We didn't start preschool yet, and I'm a little freaked out to think that he will be going to kindergarten next fall!

Let's take a look at his pictures. :)

Little Pilot has THE BEST smiling eyes!

You can see his eye colour best when he's serious.  I think they're a grey, green, blue mixture.

The skunk that I narrowly escaped has gotten around our neighbourhood.  There was a very skunky smell a couple of doors down from us.  Hence, the pinched nose here. :)

So that's our three year-old!  One more post about the fox party and this birthday month will be a wrap!

To see Little Pilot's One year and Two Year photos click here and here.

Little Pilot:  We prayed and waited for you for a long time and our lives have not been so full as they are since having you!  You are loved by an everlasting love (Jeremiah 31:3).  Your aunt says you will be a "pastori pilot" ("pastori" Finglish for "pastor"), but no matter what you become, I know that God has an amazing calling and future for you!  Love you to pieces! xoxo


  1. Anu, what a beautiful little dedication to your little man. That picture of him between the screen and the door cracks me up.

  2. Those are totally stunning photographs. May I ask if you use any Photoshop actions and if so which ones?

  3. Oh my, what a handsome little man! I'm sure he keeps you quite busy :D


  4. aaaw, he's a beautiful boy! and i love his shirt. ;)

  5. That picture of him between the doors is too cute! How does he fit in there? haha

  6. That shot right before your skunk comment is the absolute best. He is so adorable! And his eyes are beautiful!


  7. Look at those eyes! Beautiful! Three is so fun (maddening, but also fun ;))--enjoy!

  8. Hyvaa syntymapaivaa pikku lentajalle meilta kaikilta mutta erityisesti tytoilta suukot ja halit! xxx


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