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9 Sept 2013


Today is all about our ugly basement.  I wanted to do a little tour of it as it stands right now in all it's gutted glory.  Before I get into the new floor plan and the video before tour, I thought I'd fill you in on what has been going on with the basement over the past couple of weeks.  We completed the waterproofing of the foundation and I made drawings for our walk out basement that I submitted to our town's planning department.  We are supposed to hear from them within 10 business days (which is this week) as to whether we will get the building permit and the go ahead for the walkout.  We haven't heard anything from them yet so I'm hoping no news is good news!  For those of you who may be curious about how to waterproof your own basement and or how to make and submit your own drawings for a building permit, I am planning to write a post about each in the next little while.

Now that you're all caught up, here's the plan for our basement reno:
Our basement is about 25' deep by 50' wide which gives us quite a bit of space for private areas and living areas.  The left side of the plan above is pretty well set, but the right side layout may change a little depending on whether and/or when the walk out will be completed.  The plan has the necessities:  a sauna/washroom (a sauna is a must for Finns!), an office for Tech Guy and family/kids spaces.

I took a video of our basement because I felt it was hard to let you really see the whole space by taking pictures.  It's my first attempt ever at taking a video and using iMovie.  I used my iPhone to video it, I only took one take and didn't edit it which all means that this video is pretty poor quality, but hopefully you'll be able to get an idea of where we're starting from in this space.  If you decide to actually watch the video you'll get a sneak peek of some of the framing we have done, the radiant in-floor heating that we've started installing and the finishes for the washroom/sauna.  Also, feel free to turn up the volume.  Tech Guy always complains that I speak too quietly.  Welcome to our ugly basement!

So there's my attempt at a video tour.  I'd love to hear your feedback as to whether you liked seeing the space in a video and if you have any ideas for our basement/floor plan.

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  1. I'm so excited for you! And envious that you are going to get your sauna! It's looking good even though bit rough at the moment as you said. Looking forward to seeing how things will go forward. And I'm keeping everything crossed that your walk out plans will be approved.

    1. I'm a little anxious to get rid of all the ugliness and get to the finishes and decorating! You'll have to come up for a Sauna when it's finished! :)

    2. Yes, I do! :D Can't wait to see how you decorate it.


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