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4 Sept 2013


Oh boy, am I late getting this post out!  I didn't even make it in the month that Co-pilot turned 10 months.  August was just that kind of month filled with extreme DIYing (waterproofing our basement), traveling, applying for permits, a middle of the night evacuation due to an electricity meter blowing up along with the usual crafting and home stuff.  I will fill you in on some of the excitement I listed above soon, but today I'm catching up on my monthly baby photo project.

At 10 months, Co-pilot has really started to get mobile.  He is army crawling at lightning speeds and pulling to stand and starting to cruise.  He spends most of his time practicing these new motor skills.  He continues to be a big baby (tall, but pretty slim).  He's still at least a 1/2 year or more bigger than Little Pilot was at this age.  He continues to be really social and is not overly stranger wary.  He loves to exchange sounds and expressions with others.  His favourite sound/expression is a crinkly nose sniff/snort.  It's pretty cute. <3

This is the best crinkly nose smile pic that I got.  Too bad I somehow had my focus on the legs of the chair!?  Maybe I was aiming for the feet?  The chair (Eames molded armchair) is new.  Tech Guy ordered it for me during the Herman Miller sale months ago and it finally arrived a couple of days before I took these photos.  It was supposed to be a desk chair for me, but it hasn't found a permanent spot in the house yet.  I'm thinking it may go in the basement eventually.  

Some standing pics.  Tech Guy was on the ready in case the chair tipped which it did, but Co-pilot was safe!

I love this photo.  I think it looks like Co-pilot's hoping/wishing for something to happen. :)

I like this one since you can see both feet nicely.

Here's the photoshopped onesie picture.  It is not great.  It was impossible to get Co-pilot to stay on his back even with entertainment.  The vintage fabric background is all wrinkled from him crawling all over the place. :)  I'm not sure if I'll get any kind of laying down photo this month now that he is even more mobile!

So that's another month!  Only two more monthly photo shoots left.  That's just crazy cakes!

Catch up on Co-pilot's monthly photos here.

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