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1 Aug 2013


Do you remember awhile back when I blogged about my front entry inspiration?  Well, we've finally gotten a new mailbox, numbers, light and an entry mat and I think our entry is beginning to look a little more modern.

Here are the before pictures for your reference.  In the "progress" picture you can see how close the walkway used to be to our house and how traditional the numbers and light fixtures were.  There was also that sliver of a mailbox.

Here's how it looks now:

We did pretty well with getting most of the things on my moodboard.  The Bobi mailbox came all the way from Finland.  Tech Guy had his heart set on the blue colour which wasn't available here.  We owe a big thank you to his sister and brother-in-law for bringing it back with them!  I'm sure it wasn't too much fun to lug a mailbox with them.  I'm so glad we were able to get the blue.  It also has a Finnish key which is fun because it's so different from the ones available here (maybe I should have taken a picture of it as well).  The planters are these ones from Ikea.

The light is clean and simple.  It shines up and down.  Again, an evening picture might have been a good idea!  The numbers were purchased from Lowe's and we had to go with the aged bronze finish (as opposed to satin nickel) because of the light stone we have on our house.  The colour ended up working really well as it matches the storm door colour.  We also have these vanilla strawberry hydrangeas on either side of the front step.  The flowers turn from white to pink.

This is the front door that's generally covered by the storm door.  It's the original door that we stripped about 6 layers of paint from and then stained.  The grip set is this one that we already had.

The door mat was purchased from HomeSense.  It is completely made of some kind of plastic.  It has thin loops kind of like a hooked rug.  Little Pilot said, "Tama tuntuu mukavalta!" - "This feels nice!".  It looks like Tech Guy thinks so too. :)  I actually bought the mat in an orange colour way as well so I can switch it up if I want some more contrast.  That threshold could use a sanding and re-staining too.  House projects never seem to end!

One last photo so you can see a bit more of the walkway we put in last summer.  Our old walkway was so close to the front window that it felt awkward when people came to the door.   We had plans to move the existing plants in the flower beds forward this Spring, but with our foundation work (that will hopefully be done at the end of this month) it didn't make sense to uproot the plants twice.  p.s.  Can you spy the lens cap in the photo below?  Pappa will be appalled when he sees where I left it!

So that's where we're at with our front entry.  We'll see what ends up happening to the landscaping once the foundation work is completed.  Happy Thursday friends!


  1. That mailbox is to die for...it's beautiful and the blue is perfect!

  2. Ha! Those lens caps wind up everywhere, don't they? Looking great! I'm excited that you went with the blue mailbox--I love it!

  3. I'm going to say what I said on your Facebook page: Only a Finn will get a postbox from Finland! :D LOVE it. You are very lucky to have relatives willing to cart that around.

  4. Never saw a mailbox such as that installed on the house and I love it! Too bad mail delivery around here is at the street cause if it came to the door that would be the box I want. Love how fresh, modern, and cohesive your selections are and what a welcoming entry they make.

  5. What a pretty mail box. Love that punch of color with everything else. I really love the hardware and numbers you picked as well :) So pretty!

  6. gorgeous updates! I love the blue color too. definitely more modern.

  7. Your house looks great! I'm dying over that mailbox! Too cool!!

  8. Beautiful! I'm obsessed with your house numbers! I'd love for you to link up to The DIY'ers! http://homecomingmn.blogspot.com/2013/08/the-diyers-and-my-new-rug.html

  9. This really is a nice example of making a house your home. Who wouldn't want a beautiful big mailbox like that? I know what you mean about the walkway. It's so much better now. Very nice improvements!

  10. It looks really beautiful! I love all of your details!

    We tore out our front yard recently (we're still finishing up some things) but I can't change the house numbers (they are lit from behind and the HOA would have a fit if I did) but otherwise I would definitely change to those! I love them! They're modern, but they also look very 1920's, which I love.

  11. I love the new mailbox! That colour is awesome! (Good choice Tech Guy!)
    Your front door area looks so cool now!

  12. That's one large mailbox but perfect if you're like me and love your books and magazines that arrive through the mail!

  13. Wow! Love the huge impact of the beautiful mailbox! Truly worth waiting for. Love all the touches in your home Anu!!! Linking back from Savvy Southern Style :-)

  14. Lovely home! What an awesome pop of color with that mailbox!
    I'd love for you to link up this post over at my blog/linky party:

    New follower here! Love your blog! Can't wait to read more of your posts! :)

  15. It looks fantastic! Love the Finnish mailbox! :) what a fun touch!

  16. I love it. We just bought a 60's ranch style home in Alabama and plan to renovate. I wanted to know, how many inches are the house numbers? around 5 or 6? Thanks!

    1. Thanks Susan! The house numbers are approximately 5". I hope that helps!

  17. I know this post is old, but im so glad I stumbled upon it. We are awaiting news (its a short sale) on our (hopefully) soon to be 1954 ranch style house and Im loving all the awesome inspiration your page offers. I love the mailbox, and the numbers, and the light...heck, I love it all:)


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