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27 Aug 2013


The Ikea Dream Home series continues (view the dream home living room here and the whole house here)!  This time we (Amber, Ainhoa, Katja, Kim, Gretchen and myself) all thought it would be fun to highlight how we have used Ikea in our own homes.  Let's play "spot the Ikea" in Nalle's House. :)  I'm going to show you a room that I've shared on the blog and you can see if you find the Ikea product(s) in each space.  Some of the pictures are from old posts so please don't mind the quality.


Our kitchen also has an Ikea stool and the cabinets are actually a combination of Ikea and hardware store off-the-shelf.  I promise to get to posting about my kitchen soon.  I just have so many little things that I want to still finish in there, but maybe I will just have to share some progress pictures. :)

Dining Room:

This is one of the spaces where there's quite a bit of Ikea in the form of Applad cabinets is our dining room's floating sideboard (read about it here):

Living Room:

Our living room entertainment centre was a DIY using ikea sideboards and some DIY floating shelves (I still need to blog about this part of our living room, but you can see a peak of it in the Christmas tour):


Tech Guy's den has an Ikea lounge chair and ottoman.

Master Bedroom:

Our bedroom sports an Ikea light fixture.

Boys' room:

Another light fixture in the boys' room.

Outdoor Space:

 Our patio had an Ikea dining chairs and a lounge chair.  This furniture is now out on the lawn and the patio has been replaced by a pile of mud!  The waterproofing of the basement is going pretty well, but we had some rain which has made it quite a mess.  Hopefully, next spring this furniture will be sitting pretty on a brand new deck/patio.  You can see this year's patio here and here.

I guess Ikea has crept into pretty well every part of our house!  I really do think they make some great products and furnishings that suit any decor style.  

There's more Ikea blogger style to be found at the following lovely blogs:
Amber from Wills Casa
Katja from Shift Ctrl Art
Kim from Newly Woodwards
Gretchen from Boxy Colonial

Click on the links above to see their posts!  

How about you?  Are you an Ikea fan?  Do you have any Ikea in your space?

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  1. I just love your style. It's so light and bright and so well thought out. Your patio blew me away too!

    1. Thanks Katja! I'm still having a hard time staring at a pile of dirt instead of the patio. :(

  2. Your home is just gorgeous! So light and bright! Truly like something from a magazine. I love that outdoor space!

  3. What an incredible home you have! So lovely! I love the sideboards in your living room. That is such a great look!

  4. Ah, those chairs in the patio! They look great in there. The floating sideboard is beautiful, what a great hack.

  5. love your house! I can't wait to read more about your kitchen...it always looks so inviting when I get a glimpse of in your posts :)

  6. When we bought our Karlstad couch I did a post on the absurdity of my living room turning into the clone of Page 28 in the 2010 catalogue. We like yourselves, have more IKEA than non-IKEA furniture in our home.


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