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17 Jun 2013


Co-pilot is 8 months. He's changing all the time and growing so fast!  This month I picked up the blue Finnish fabric from Fabricland?  Pretty random!  It's called "halkolaituri" and I'm planning to make something for the boys from it...though, I haven't totally decided what yet!  His onesie is also short-sleeved now for the summer.  

I'm in love with the first photo.  I think it's his eyes and expression (almost smiling, but not too serious).  Co-pilot continues to be a great sleeper and is quite easy going.  He loves watching Little Pilot and has started to want to be a part of the action. :)  He's also very vocal about what he wants and doesn't want.  He's babbling quite a bit, sitting better, but no official crawling yet (he can get across a room no problem though by pivoting and rolling).  Also, some good news on the feeding front!  Co-pilot eats everything now and actually prefers pieces of food to puree.  It was as soon as I posted my concerns that he started eating everything.  Within half a month he's already eating pieces and using his little pincer grasp to pick them up.  He loves songs and rhymes and is initiating peekaboo by covering his own face.

I took some photos with Nalle this time since it is Nalle's birthday month (he's 7 years).   Co-pilot loves Nalle and thinks it's hillarious when Nalle slobbers all over him!  I also ended up taking some photos with the patio flowers since I took his photos outside.  Little Pilot used the fabric as a landing strip (love that I captured him playing in the background).  The best picture that shows all of Co-pilot's 5 teeth was a little out of focus, but I included anyway.  

Overall, I love the photos this month.  I'm starting to realize that there are only a few more months until he'll be one.  It's so crazy how fast it goes!

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  1. It does go way too fast. The first year is over in a blink! He looks very happy and content little boy and I can see he loves the action as well as Nalle.

    1. I really like the pictures that I got with Nalle this time. Nalle's so good with the boys.

  2. He is just way too cute! That one of Nalle and him face to face it precious!

    1. I think that Nalle picture maybe a contender with this this one of Little Pilot and Nalle: http://www.nalleshouse.com/2011/12/boy-and-his-dog.html. It's also the profile pic here. :)

  3. So cute! Love the one with the toothy grin and, of course, the ones with Nalle!


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