16 May 2013


I got some mail today.  It was the latest issue of Cottages & Bungalows magazine and guess who's mini mudroom was featured?! 

Yep, my back door closet got featured in a magazine!  Tech Guy keeps making fun of me that it's our closet that gets to be in a magazine, but it's exciting nonetheless.  I'm not sure if the magazine is on the newsstands yet - it's the July/August issue.  I'll have to check our local bookstore soon.  I entered the space in a contest and the prize was the magazine feature (you can check out the contest and other winners here).   I also got another package a little less exciting from the good old GAP.  I ordered these pink jeans and Little Pilot got this airplane shirt which he wanted to wear right away.  He even let me take a few pictures of him wearing it. :)  I'm a little bit regretting not buying the same one for Co-pilot too.  You can see a glimpse of the pink jeans in the photo above - love them!  

So, all in all, today was a pretty exciting day!


  1. Brilliant exciting day! You've got to be in it to win it after all (I'm entering every competition going at the moment figuring that I'll get lucky one of these times! See my page for my latest contest :-)
    LOVE the pink jeans too, very summery.

    1. Thanks! I checked out the contest you entered and loved your card. I hope you win!

  2. Voi kuinka onnellinen ja iloinen olen puolestasi!!!!!! I'm doing the happy dance here! YAY! WOW! Must be quite something to have your minimudroom in a magazine. :D Bring out the bubbly!

  3. oh, wow--that IS exciting! congratulations!

  4. How exciting .. your famous! I hope you frame it and hang it somewhere special :)

  5. Congrats on the magazine feature! It is a great space.

  6. Wow, that would make my year! So exciting, Anu! You deserve it, that space might be little but there is nothing small about how fabulous it is. Congrats!!!!

  7. We love the looks you pull together!

  8. So exciting! That little closet is amazing, so it's very well deserved!

  9. That is so exciting. Congratulations!!

  10. oh anu!! that's so great!!
    lol... that is funny (as tech guy pointed out...) but hey, you gotta start somewhere - so why not the closet?! ;)

  11. That's so exciting!! YEAH!!!!


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