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17 Apr 2013


In the spirit of 1/2 birthday month here at Nalle's House, I thought it would be appropriate to share Little Pilot's leikkuri (lawn mower) 2nd birthday party.  I was very pregnant at the time and wasn't blogging and thus didn't share it earlier.  Once I did get back into blogging it was pretty much winter and it didn't seem fitting to post about a lawn mower birthday party.  So I waited until his 1/2 birthday to share it with you!

Little Pilot absolutely luuurves lawn mowers and really wanted to have a lawn mower party.  He even pushes around his lawn mower in the winter.  Here is the invitation that we sent out to our friends:
Little Pilot is actually scared of his John Deere.  He doesn't like the gas pedal.  So the above pic was one of the only times he has been on it. Good thing it was a bargain yard sale find.  Maybe he will like it better this year.

So let's start this party tour with the desserts!  I only had photos of the sweets.  I guess, in my pregnant state of mind, I forgot to take pictures of the savoury food as well.  Luckily, dessert is the best part of a meal(at least in my opinion). :)  

Here is the dessert table and the simple green, blue and white decorations that we had.  I made circle fans from tissue paper and a bunting from scrap book paper.  We also had a few balloons.

I tried to make the treats lawn mower and/or garden-themed.  We had dirt and worms, frog gummies, rice krispie flower pops in grass and lawn mower cupcakes.  Some of the other things I made included my marshmallow meringue and some fancy blueberry and custard pullaa (sweet buns).

The dirt and worms were mint chocolate pudding with some cream, crushed Oreos and gummy worms.  I used the votive candle holders from my wedding for the individual portions.  The mint chocolate pudding recipe can be found here.  I also used Little Pilot's toy tractors as decorations throughout the table.  Little Pilot and his friends ended up grabbing the tractors and playing with them which was perfect. :)

 Here are the "leikkuri" (lawn mower) cupcakes (I got my inspiration here).  I love how they turned out!

I piped on green-coloured butter cream for the grass.  For the lawn mower body, I used a square chocolate from Laura Secord, M&Ms were used for the wheels and some licorice rope was used for the handles.

We sung Happy Birthday a couple times for Little Pilot since we had both a number 2 sparkler and candles.  Little Pilot loved blowing the candles and the frosting. :)

Just in case you were wondering what else we ate:  We had "fancy hotdogs".  I made different condiments such as green tomato chow-chow, corn relish, mango ketchup and jalpeno mustard.  I also made some corn salad and we had Karjalan Piirakoita (Finnish rice and rye pies).  There were also some other snacks like chips, etc.

My favourite part of the party were the games.  They were very simple yet age-appropriate.  I made a few stations in the back yard for the lawn mowers.  The signs for each of the stations were made in Photoshop.  They were stapled onto scrap pieces of wood and then stuck them into the ground.  

There was a lawn mower wash. which consisted of a bucket of water with some sponges and brushes.

There was a tune-up station with some of Little Pilot's tools.

We also had a race!  I ended up getting an extra lawn mower for the party from a yard sale so two could race at the same time.  As you can see above, we also used some of Little Pilot's other ride-on toys.  The race course was just a straight line with some pylons.  We added a "start" and "finish" sign as well.

I love this little two year-old bonding moment. :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing Little Pilot's 2nd birthday party.  He still gets excited just seeing these pictures. :)  

Now I'm already thinking of ideas for Little Pilot and Co-pilot's joint birthday this fall!

*You can see Little Pilot's 1st birthday recap here.

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  1. OHO mitka juhlat! WOW! Beautiful decorations, fun food, and most of all happy Little Pilot. That's the most precious thing on birthdays to see the sparkle in their eyes and happy smiles and laughs of our children.

  2. Oh my goodness...I am in love with the lawn mower washing station! That is adorable. My daughter turns 2 in July and she is SOOO into washing things. Everything is wash, wash, wash. I bet the kids just loved it. And those cupcakes are also brilliant!

  3. How adorable! You did a fantastic job on all the details:) He is such a sweet little guy!!

  4. I agree what Ina wrote! You have had just a memorable party for Little Pilot and his friends. WOW!

  5. I love it! Those lawnmower cupcakes are perhaps the most adorable thing I've ever seen. I did Ari's second birthday party very, very pregnant with Milo, and it was definitely not that impressive!

  6. Super adorable! What a great idea! It looks like the party was a huge hit!

  7. What a fun party!! We have the peddle pushing version of that lawn mower you gave him. My sons the opposite, he finds the peddles to hard to push so I'm sure he would have been thrilled with a motor one.
    I also love the dessert table! The food and decor is awesome!

  8. This is precious! I adore parties that stray from the party in a box themes and this is so creative. Your cupcakes turned out adorable. Great job!

  9. The pictures are adorable, you did a great job!

  10. oh lulu was so happy to be at her buddy's leikkuri party! and her mama thought it was beautiful!
    she'll have fun trying out her bubble leikkuri as soon as the grass grows a little greener ;)

  11. Beautiful decorations, I love your party! Hugs

  12. Adorable!! Both the kids and the party!! What a great theme for two year olds,wonderful activities and details!!

    1. Thanks so much! I was happy that the activities were so fun for the kids and simple for me to put together. :)

  13. What a darling party,and such creative ideas! Thanks so much for coming by Maison de Pax and for the link to see this!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rachel!


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