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2 Apr 2013


I wanted to share a few pictures from our Easter.  Unfortunately, Little Pilot and I are fighting a pretty bad illness and it's making me a little dizzy to be on the computer.  :(  So just a quick post with a few of my favourite photos from Easter.  

Despite feeling under the weather, we made it to church both Friday and Sunday.  Little Pilot loved his Easter egg hunt.  We hid some Kinder eggs in the funny knit chickens and he is still checking them every morning to see if there are any more chocolate eggs.  :) By far, the biggest hit were the couple dinky cars that he found inside his plastic eggs (especially the "been-o" aka beemer/BMW).  Little Pilot used the fabric basket I made for him to hold his eggs.  Co-pilot slept through the hunt, but he did get to watch Little Pilot get his first egg from the chickens in the morning.  He was dressed for the occasion with his bunny polo.  We kept Good Friday and Easter dinner simple this year.  I did, however, make this lemon angel food cake.  

Overall, Little Pilot had lots of fun, but I think the best part was watching him in his excitement!


  1. Great pics :). I love how excited Little Pilot is about that blue egg!

  2. Looks like you had a perfect day!

  3. I'm so sorry you have not been well! I'm sending you and Little Pilot healing hugs. Hope you are on the mend. Looks like the children enjoyed their Easter. And question: You can get Kinder Eggs in Canada????? If that is true I wish I had known this before Easter. ;-)

    1. Thanks Ina. Yes, we have Kinder eggs. You can actually get the regular Kinder Surprise eggs all year round. We bought some of the mini ones as well to put inside the plastic eggs.

    2. OOOH! Now I'm going to remember this and made an order for next Easter! :D


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