28 Mar 2013


With Good Friday tomorrow, we want to wish everyone a happy Easter weekend!  I also made some funny knit chickens for my boys.

I originally pinned these knit chicken egg cozies and thought they would be easy enough to make.  They turned out a little funny looking though, but I think I still like them. :)  Little Pilot went a little cross-eyed looking at his funny chicken (see the bottom left photo in the collage above).

Each chicken holds a wooden egg.  I think they would be fun for hiding a chocolate egg or plastic egg too.

They look a little funny, but my pilots seemed to like them.  Little Pilot liked taking the egg out and trying to put it back in.  Co-pilot liked the texture of the chickens and to put them in his mouth in typical baby fashion.

 I found this pattern for my chicken, but I preferred my chicken to have a shorter head so I altered it a little.  Here is the pattern with my alterations:

Knit Chicken Egg Cozies:
I used dk weight yarn with can size 9 needles

1.  Cast on 32 sts
2.  k1, p1 rib (4 rows)
3.  knit (9 rows)
4. to make first half of tail:
    k 5 turn
    k 5 turn
    k 4 turn
    k 4 turn
    co 10 stitches (22 sts remaining)
5.  second half of tail (same as step 4.)
    k 5 turn
    k 5 turn
    k 4 turn
    k 4 turn
   co 10 stitches (12 st remaining)
6. to make the head
    k 6 rows
    Row 7 k 10, k 2 together (11 sts remain)
    Row 8 k 9, k 2 together (10 sts remain)
    Row 9 k 8, k 2 together (9 sts remain)
    Row 10 k 7, k 2 together (8 sts remain)
    Row 11 co 8 sts and leave extra yarn to sew your chicken

Fold your chicken in half and match the head and tail, then sew your two edges together (leave the bottom open for your egg).  To finish my chicken I used a double strand of yarn for the crest, beak and eyes.

Happy Easter!  We are taking time with our family to remember the greatest sacrifice of all and to Celebrate Christ's resurrection.  What amazing love has been bestowed on us by our creator.  Praise his name!

He is not here, for he has risen, as he said.  Mathew 28:6 a

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  1. The chickens are adorable! I'm glad to see your family celebrating the true Easter :)

    1. Thanks Rachel. Many blessings to you and your family this Easter!

  2. Oh, I love those! I have a soft spot for chickens (we used to have some until we moved). And the cross-eyed Little Pilot pic is hilarious :)

  3. Such adorable chickens. kot kot kot as the Finnish chickens would say! :) Oikein ihanaa paasiaista myos sinulle ja perhellesi! Halit!

  4. They are so cute! I tried crocheted baby chicks last year... they were seriously funny looking. Yours actually look funky and adorable:) Happy Easter to you and your family!
    Krista @thehappyhousie

  5. Your boys and your chickens are adorable! : ) Visiting from Brenda's ....

  6. The chickens are so cute and so are your two sons! :-) I'm happy to have found your blog through "It's Overflowing" and that you will be a new "handcrafted home contributor" Ingrid


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