24 Feb 2013

What's Up at Nalle's House

Hi!  I thought I'd just pop in to share with you what's been going on here this past week.

- We finally have two boys that are Croup free.  Thank God!  Our paediatrician told us that he was 99% sure that Co-pilot wouldn't catch Little Pilot's Croup because he's too young, but he did anyway and we have been fighting this illness for almost a month now.  I am so thankful that they are both finally well.

- My sister and brother-in-law have come to visit from up north.  My brother-in-law actually came here to work on our basement.  I know!  Too nice!  Tech Guy has been busy with business stuff and has helped a little down there, but is wishing he could be doing more.
Here's a picture from my just finished mini mudroom looking down at some of the construction craziness going on.  We have some insulation and framing done.  I am hoping to share our basement plans soon.

Little Pilot has been even more excited to help out with his own tools.  Here he is fixing the Saarinen chair.

- A post on my coat knobs went up yesterday over at Knockoff Decor.

Hopefully, this week we'll all feel a little more rested and ready to tackle some more basement renovating and DIY projects.  I hope you have a great week.


  1. Nice to hear that your boys are well now. Looking foward to see your new basement plants. Have a nice week.

    1. I'm glad they're back to being themselves. Have a great week too. :)

  2. YIKES! The basement looks "scary" zone at the moment. But I'm sure you cannot wait to have it finished. Are you going to have a sauna in there or do you have one already? Looking forward to hearing more about the project and see the progress.
    I'm also glad that you have gotten rid of the croup. Must be a great relief.
    Have a great Monday!

    1. Renos tend to look pretty scary in the beginning stages. We have a sauna planned. Tech Guy is eager to get that finished first, but we'll see. Happy Monday to you!


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