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26 Feb 2013


I can't believe Co-pilot is already 4 months-old.  I will probably think that every time I write one of these monthly baby photo posts. 
This month was Valentine's month and I just very quickly grabbed our Valentine's garland as part of the background.  Co-pilot is holding himself up quite well now while on his tummy, which gave me a chance to take some new shots.  My favourite is the fourth one - he just looks too sweet. :)  I also included a photo on the sofa to see the difference from last month and another feet pic (they're just too cute and little). :)

My favourite posts on this blog are those of my pilots.  I think I cry tears of joy almost everyday when I think of my boys. I feel truly blessed and am praying that I can raise these little boys as God has planned. Hopefully, one day, when they read this blog they will know how much I love them, but above that how much God loves them.  

This post is part of my monthly baby photo project:


  1. He's adorable! Love the garland in the pics as well. They just grow too fast. I'm constantly wondering where my little baby girl disappeared. She's running and talking..... Please time, stop for a while.

    1. Oh, I wish we could slow the baby time down a little. It goes by way too fast!

  2. Adorable! I do this same thing with my daughter's monthly photos...although I may have missed a month here and there! He is so cute, love the simple onsie! :) April Hoff housebyhoff.blogspot.com

    1. I love these monthly photos. I wish I had had a better camera when Little Pilot was small. I'm glad that I am getting some better shots now - although, I am still very much a beginner.

  3. That is one seriously cute baby :). Great pictures!


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