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31 Jan 2013

3 Months

How about those itty bitty feet to get you into baby love mode?!  Yep, I'm back with another instalment of Co-pilot's monthly baby photo project.
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I had such a hard time choosing just a few (7!) to share with y'all.  Co-pilot did so well when we took his monthly photo that I probably have over a hundred that I took during the shoot.  Since his 3 month photo was in January I made a small sign with 2013 on it for the new year.  I didn't use any special backdrops.  Just our living room sofa.  There was a lot of sun that day and since our sofa is in front of the window, I had a lot of backlight to deal with.

So here is the onesie picture:

And the baby milestones photo:

Can you believe how big he looks for just 3 months-old?!  I have had dreams that he started walking.  I guess I am subconsciously thinking that he is older than 3 months.  He is almost fitting into the clothes Little Pilot wore at 12 months.

Oh, but isn't he SO sweet? :)

If you read the comments in my milestones photo above, Co-pilot is a really happy baby pretty much all the time.  He only gets this mad cry when he is hungry and I am not fast enough to get him on the breast.

Co-pilot's arms and legs were moving non-stop when I was taking these pictures.  I got some pretty fun poses.  Here he looks like he's conducting (maybe he's already letting me now who's in charge). :) 

On a side note, Tech Guy also downloaded a trial of the photoshop elements 11 for me, which means I'll finally be able to use some actions (you couldn't do that with PSE10).  I may revisit some of these photos for some fun editing later once I actually learn how to edit photos! :)  Anyone have any suggestions for a good place to start to learn how to use actions?  

Oh no!  I almost forgot this close up.  


  1. He is beautiful! I love that age when you can start to see their little personalities develop. Aw... I have three boys, the youngest is 20 months and I'm so craving another! Sigh. Your photography is lovely too.

  2. These are really great! Love the little toes photo & the conducting one. My daughter was wearing 12 month things at 3 months too but she was wayy chunkier than your son. He must be so tall!


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