24 Feb 2012


This week's project52 photo prompt is "cabin fever".  I have to be honest in that I didn't take the photo this week.  It was Tech Guy.  I wasn't able to get out to the country this week to take the picture myself.  I sent Tech Guy to a log house that was near our first house in the country.  I gave him specific instructions of how to take the photo, but when he got home I learned that he merely stopped the car and took the photo through the car window.  He said the only part of my instructions that he could remember was to make sure the camera was straight.  Hey, at least we got a photo this week, right?

As for a cabin of my own....  
I think this is as close as it has gotten for me:

Sorry for the poor quality.  It is a scanned photo that my dad took back in the day.  That's me in front of my log playhouse that I had when we lived in Finland.  Too bad we couldn't have brought it over to Canada with us!  Maybe it was just a little too big to fit into the container. :)  Hopefully, we'll be able to build something as nice for Little Pilot to enjoy one day.  I know I have fond memories of my little cabin.

23 Feb 2012

little pilot on the run

Sorry, for the lack of posting this week.  I have not been feeling that great, but I did want to check in to post one of my current favourite shots of Little Pilot.

He has been running everywhere lately.  In the last few weeks his motor skills have been developing SO quickly.  I am just realizing now that his way too cute toddle-walking is pretty much finished. Oh, I miss it!  At the same time, I am also reminded of how blessed we are that he is developing well.  Though sometimes I wish I could just freeze time!

17 Feb 2012

true love

This week's Project52 photo is "true love".  I took some spontaneous pictures of my little lovebirds this week.  
I love this photo even though Little Pilot isn't perfectly in focus (maybe if I knew a little more about photoshop I could have fixed that a bit) and that there is the chaos that is our front entrance in the background.  Little Pilot loves to give Nalle kisses (you can see another photo here).  I love how he pulled Nalle's snout right in for this photo and that Nalle is closing his eyes as if he is actually enjoying the attention (he's actually just being indifferent and putting up with Little Pilot) :).  What a good dog!

And because I can't share just one photo of my babies here are a few more.  

Little Pilot and Nalle hanging out on the living room carpet and enjoying one another's company.

Little Pilot is always climbing on Nalle and this is how Nalle usually reacts.  He really does lie there like a rug.

Nalle is also Little Pilot's protector.  Little Pilot is afraid of the vacuum yet fascinated by it at the same time.  He is constantly asking me to vacuum (which I do quite often with a dog that sheds constantly), but he gets anxious once I turn it on.  Here is where Nalle helps out.  I place Little Pilot on the sofa with Nalle and tell him to hold onto Nalle and he's good.  Little Pilot does not let go until the vacuum is safely stored away in the broom closet. 

I am so happy that through Little Pilot I have learned so much more about the love parents have for their children.  I feel so blessed to have Little Pilot and to have been raised by my loving parents who have taught me the one and only "true love".   True love that was demonstrated by God through his gift of his one and only Son, Jesus.  I pray that I too will be able to teach Little Pilot about this "true love" and for him to experience that love to the fullest in his life.

14 Feb 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

We wanted to wish everyone a happy Valentine's Day and share with you the treats we made.  


They are soft, frosted sugar cookies.  These cookies are very similar to the ones by Loft House that you find at the grocery store (usually decorated according to various holidays).  I found the recipe here and followed it pretty closely.  The cookies turned out nice and soft and were actually much better than the ones you get at the store.  

The cookies were frosted in haste as I was fighting the setting sun.  The cookies and their pictures were not that great, but I was really happy with the shots I got of Little Pilot.  The sun was just low enough to give that warm glow to the pictures (both pictures came straight out of the camera).  Here is a picture of Little Pilot finally getting his hands on a cookie once Mommy finished taking the pictures.  I love seeing his chubby fingers and the cookie in the foreground.

Here is another picture of Little Pilot eating his cookie.  I think he is just like his daddy going for the icing first. :)

Those are our Valentine's Day treats and some pictures of our favourite Valentine! :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

10 Feb 2012

one coffee... sunny side up

The theme for project 52 is "drink up!" this week.  Little Pilot, Nalle and I met Mummu at the local Starbucks and they were having a promotion for their new blonde coffee and gave out little sample cups.  I let Little Pilot hold the cup after it was empty, but he still tried to taste whatever was left. 

Here is a picture with some crazy morning sunlight.  It looks like Little Pilot was rained on with sunshine once he brought the mini Starbucks to his lips. :)

Yes, Little Pilot has a hat knit by Mummu with "Little Pilot" cross-stitched on it.  I guess he has a very devoted fan. :)

Here are a few more pictures of Little Pilot taste-testing.  I love how hard he was concentrating in order to try to get something out of that cup (closed eyes and all!).  The one-eyed look over at Mommy also kills me.  I'm not sure if he actually liked the coffee taste.  He had no smiles just serious concentration.  Maybe its the grown-up coffee beverage that dictated a serious taste-testing. :)

Now, I hope it doesn't look like I feed Little Pilot coffee.  The cup really was empty! 
Have a great weekend!

7 Feb 2012

nursery update

I have made quite a few updates to Little Pilot's room so I thought I would post another tour.  I will try and let you know the sources for the as many of the new items as I can.  To get the sources for any of the other items you can check out his Christmastime tour here.

"Welcome to my room!"

Here is an overall look at the room and you can see the biggest change - the striped wall!  You can also see the shower curtain, curtains.

The idea for the stripes came after I made this Goodwill chalkboard tabletop into some personalized artwork for Little Pilot.  I felt that the chalkboard art needed something interesting behind it.  The 's' (Little Pilot's first initial) I drew freehand.  You can see Little Pilot's finger marks at the bottom of the 's' where he tried helping. :)  I was really happy with how simple yet graphic the 's' looks above the crib.  The mobile is a window decoration that Tech Guy and I received for our wedding.  It is by Aarikka.

Here is a look at the glider and the new pillow cover I made.  The fabric is by Waverly.

Here's the stripes side of the room.  Our stripes were 9" wide as that gave me 10 stripes (our ceilings are 8 feet).  For the stripes we used a measuring tape and large level to draw the lines and then applied Frog Tape.  That tape really worked well.  We just painted in our blue and the lines came out really crisp.  Definitely worth the few dollars more!  The colours we used were Benjamin Moore Cloud White for the entire room (including trim) and Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue for the stripes (a nice, muted, pale blue-green).

Here is another picture of the bookshelf Tech Guy and I made on the day before we had Little Pilot.  I posted it again since we finally hung those closet doors.

Here is a picture of the closet doors.  Much better than the louvered bi-folds that were there before.  We hung Little Pilot's Muumi clock above them.  The clock was purchased here while on vacation last summer.

Here are some pictures of the details.  We moved some of the pictures from above the crib to shelf along with some airplanes that Little Pilot got for Christmas.  You can also see the hardware we put on the closet doors.  We chose some bungalow/craftsman style pulls from the kitchen cabinet hardware section at Lowes.  It saved us a little and there were a lot more options to chose from than the regular door hardware section.

Here's the other side of the room.  There are some small changes here as well:  new art, hooks, owls and the Coca-Cola crate turned toy storage (under the change table).

I replaced the Christmas print with this alphabet printable that I customized to Little Pilot's room colours using Photoshop.  Little Pilot received the Piper plane for Christmas and it matched the photo of his Pappa's plane well.  I also picked up the owls at West Elm the other day from the clearance bin.  It's supposed to be a butter dish, but it was missing the bottom and was marked down to $1.97.  I thought it would look cute as a decoration. It kind of looks like little mountains behind the airplane) :).

We finally hung these puppy tail hooks from IKEA.  I purchased them for our last house, before Little Pilot was born, but never got around to hanging them until now.  I also made the dog picture above and personalized it with Nalle's name.

Those are all the updates.  I will be back with more details on how I made some of the projects in the room soon.

"Thanks so much for visiting my room!  I'm off to play with my best bud, Nalle!"

6 Feb 2012

taikina poika - translation: "dough boy"

That's my "taikina poika" ("dough boy").  To explain Little Pilot's newest nickname I have to backtrack to when Tech Guy and I were dating.  Tech Guy and I loved to bake cookies together.  One time we were baking at my parents' house and they had their friends over who had their 4 year-old son with them (who also ended up being our ring-bearer).  Tech Guy loved loves to taste the dough. Our friends' son saw him do this and dubbed him "taikina mies" ("dough man").  That name stuck for many years and we still call him that for fun sometimes.  So back to Little Pilot... I was making brownies (another of Tech Guy's favourites) and Little Pilot insisted I give him the bowl after I had poured the batter in the pan.  Little Pilot knew exactly what to do.  I think he has been watching his daddy aka taikina mies very closely.  I guess its father taikina mies like son taikina poika. :)

Here is some more of Little Pilot's taikina(batter) tasting. 

He literally got right into the bowl.  You can also see the mammarazzi in the bowl's reflection. :)

One last picture.  I love this expression:  "What are you looking at taking a picture of?!"

I hope your baking days are full of these fun moments. :)

3 Feb 2012

swinging shadows

The project 52 theme this week is shadows.  I had a great plan of making a sign that said, "I love you" for Little Pilot to hold and to create a shadow from the cut out letters.  The week got a little crazy and mostly grey and overcast (not very good shadow weather) and that plan didn't happen.

I ended up with these  pictures that I took with my phone.  I noticed that Little Pilot and I were making some fun shadows while I was pushing him in his backyard swing.  I couldn't leave Little Pilot alone in the swing in order to get the proper camera from inside so I used what I had, my phone.  I guess I cheated a little this week because the goal of participating in this project was to learn how to use Pappa's DSLR.

We have a giant walnut tree in the back where Little Pilot's swing hangs and I tried to get a shadow in front of that, but the snow was all trampled there and the bark was so dark the shadows didn't show up.  So the backdrop ended up being our fancy-shmancy metal shed (tres retro).

I did a little more cheating by using Instagram.  This picture is Tech Guy's fave.  He thinks my hand looks like I am about to bonk Little Pilot on the head.  It's actually my oh-so graceful hand position after a pull and release of the swing :).

I personally like the more yellowy tones of this picture and that you can see where the squirrels have broken the door frame to make better access to their nest.  We'll have some fun cleaning/fixing that in the spring.

Those are my shadow pictures with a little cheating (I must apologize).

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