1 Dec 2012

Santa Claus Parade 2012

This year, Little Pilot was much more excited this year about the local Santa Claus Parade.  He loved looking at the pictures from last year's parade and when we told him about the candy canes that are given out, he was asking to go for days. I never knew that candy could motivate a two year-old so much :).  

Here's how we arrived with our three boys.  The Bugaboo Donkey stroller has been the best baby gear we have bought.  Little Pilot was excited to have his Co-Pilot beside him (sleeping away).  Nalle was just interested in socializing = looking for the next person to give him a belly rub.

They were handing out the candy canes already before the parade started which gave Little Pilot something to occupy his time while he waited.

He held onto that candy cane very tightly.  I was surprised that he didn't ask me to open it right away.

Here's another picture of the boys in their stroller.  I turned co-pilot's bassinet to face out so he could see the parade I could take a photo.  This stroller really is very handy like that.

Our parade isn't anything spectacular, but just right for Little Pilot.  I love his expression here as he watches a float go by (I'm not sure why there is a random, budget, Donald and Daisy Duck there?).

The cars and trucks were definitely Little Pilot's highlight.  I am including a couple pictures for Little Pilot to look at. :)

This one was funny... a lawn tractor pulling some pooches :).

Uh-Oh, Little Pilot!  Here comes the Mustang!

Co-pilot also woke up during the middle of the parade and we headed off for a feeding.  Good thing Daddy and Mummu were along to stay with Little Pilot.

Co-pilot and I did, however, make it back to see this guy:  

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