30 Mar 2012

wanna play catch?

This week's P52 photo theme is details.  I actually took these photos last week when the weather was much MUCH warmer.  We have a huge back deck  (it's almost the size of our first one bedroom + den condo in the city).  It also has a bench all the way around that Little Pilot loves to climb under.  We haven't furnished the deck much, but we did sand it and put on a new coat of opaque stain last year (another project to tackle).

I don't know if these pictures fit the theme all that well, but I do like the details in them:  Little Pilot's smudged face, the wood grain of the back deck, Little Pilot's eyes, the dirty ball we found under that massive deck, his little mouth and expressions.   Mostly I'm just a proud mommy. :)  There are some details that I don't care for as well like our ugly barbecue and random lawn furniture in the background.  Let's just focus on Little Pilot, 'kay?  After all, he is the star of this blog. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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