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2 Mar 2012

oops, i leaped leap day

I got up on what I thought was leap day and said to Tech Guy,  "I'm going to take my photo for the week today since its leap day and the theme for the weak is "a great leap".  Tech Guy responded with, "You missed it!  It was leap day yesterday.  You leaped right over leap day."  So my leap day photo for P52 was not taken on what I thought was leap day.  Oh dear, I'm getting all my days confused!  So for my non-leap day, leap day photos I tried to take some pictures of my babies leaping.  Very original, huh?

Nalle was only mildly cooperative.  He only fell for the "look there's a orava (squirrel)!" line once.  My pooch is a little too smart for his own good.  So the picture I got of him jumping at the tree (where the squirrels usually are) was only a half run/jump, but we did have really nice snow falling at the time which made for a nice landscape.

Little Pilot, on the other hand, had been very much into climbing and jumping as of late.  He loves to climb up onto this chair.  He can easily grab the back of the seat to pull himself up.  He also figured out how to position the sheepskin on the floor for a soft landing.  Below is a series of pictures that shows how he "jumps" off the chair.  He really sort of slide-jumps down while holding onto the chair, but he is ever SO proud of his big "jump" and will do this repeatedly for quite awhile (especially if he has an audience of Mommy, Mummu, Pappa and Nalle). :)

Those are my boys leaping on non-leap day.


  1. Dogs never do exactly what you want them to do. Love the joy in little Pilot's face!

  2. Love the composition, falling snow, and Nalle's blurry legs. Neat picture. Pilot is always so adorable and PROUD! He reminds me so much of my boys when they were itty bitty.

  3. Awesome photos! Leap year is kind of hard to plan for, it hardly ever comes!!

  4. :) you know what i love about jumping? when little ones are just learning to "jump", but really they're just getting on their tippy-toes!


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