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23 Mar 2012

ice cream!

The theme for the P52 photo project this week is "hunger".  We have had unseasonably warm weather and my photos this week look a lot like summer.  Little Pilot got his first ice cream cone and was quite thrilled about it.

This is where we started:  the front porch.

The nice sitting lasted for about 30 seconds and then we were off with Nalle in tow.  Nalle helped a little with ice cream eating.  Too bad the photo is not perfectly sharp.  It must have been my running after Little Pilot while snapping pictures that caused a little unsteady camera holding. :)

I think my favourite photos came once the ice cream had mostly melted/fallen all over the sidewalk.

Little Pilot has been doing this a lot lately with his lips.  I think mostly when concentrating on something important like eating ice cream and planning an escape route at the same time.


The weather has been absolutely beautiful, but I hear it is going to get cooler again tomorrow. :(


  1. These are so precious! Love the one sharing with Nalle!

  2. So cute - looks like he is definitely plotting something big in those last two!

  3. I wish I had been more into photography when my daughter was little. I love how you have captured Little Pilot's facial expressions.

  4. very cute!! i like how seriously he is with his ice cream. first one is so adorable with the giant ice cream, but they're all really sweet!! :)



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