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9 Mar 2012

be still

The P52 theme this week is "be still."  The first thing that came to mind is this verse: "Be still and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!" Psalm 46:10, ESV and of course, the hymn with that verse in the lyrics.  I think I need to pause more often from my everyday life to "be still" and reflect on how great God really is!  God has blessed us beyond measure and has been with us through many difficult trials that have taught us so much.

We all have been fighting a very bad cold here at Nalle's House for the past week and a half (it's  still working  its way through).  So blogging/photos have taken a backseat to taking care of the family and trying to get well myself.  I managed to get a few photos of one of my best blessings...Little Pilot, of course! :)  He is usually constantly on the move, but if you get him right after his nap when he hasn't quite fully woken you can catch him still for a couple minutes.  These pictures are unedited (no time for that this crazy week!)

Little Pilot is on the new sofa we finally received this week (it was ordered from a local custom sofa manufacturer in December).  We're hoping the grey will hide little finger and snout marks better than the light coloured one that was there before. :)

You can tell Little Pilot has just gotten up from his nap as he's still clutching his lovey, "lammas" (Finnish for sheep).  Little Pilot's nose is still running after a week and a half!

Here the being still is wearing off.  Those eyes are a little more awake already.  You can also see that  Nalle has jumped up on the sofa (we promised he wouldn't be allowed on this one - oh dear!).  I think he wants to see what the fuss is all about (maybe a squirrel). :)

That's all for today.  I hope you have a chance to "be still".


  1. Be still yourself. Spring is coming and this cold will fade along with winter. I adore your blog. I found it by accident, either from a connection to another person 's blog or perhaps pinterest. Everything is beginning to blend together in these days of technology. Your photos are beautiful. Your life blessed. Feel better!

  2. Great pictures. The lighting on the first one is so pretty. I love the depth. Looks like a fabulous couch, awesome color!

  3. Such a sweet little guy. The new couch looks awesome.

  4. I love that verse! I referenced it as well. These are the sweetest pictures of your little man!

  5. Such adorable pictures!! :)

  6. That second to last shot is adorable. What a cute expression!


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