30 Mar 2012

wanna play catch?

This week's P52 photo theme is details.  I actually took these photos last week when the weather was much MUCH warmer.  We have a huge back deck  (it's almost the size of our first one bedroom + den condo in the city).  It also has a bench all the way around that Little Pilot loves to climb under.  We haven't furnished the deck much, but we did sand it and put on a new coat of opaque stain last year (another project to tackle).

I don't know if these pictures fit the theme all that well, but I do like the details in them:  Little Pilot's smudged face, the wood grain of the back deck, Little Pilot's eyes, the dirty ball we found under that massive deck, his little mouth and expressions.   Mostly I'm just a proud mommy. :)  There are some details that I don't care for as well like our ugly barbecue and random lawn furniture in the background.  Let's just focus on Little Pilot, 'kay?  After all, he is the star of this blog. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

23 Mar 2012

ice cream!

The theme for the P52 photo project this week is "hunger".  We have had unseasonably warm weather and my photos this week look a lot like summer.  Little Pilot got his first ice cream cone and was quite thrilled about it.

This is where we started:  the front porch.

The nice sitting lasted for about 30 seconds and then we were off with Nalle in tow.  Nalle helped a little with ice cream eating.  Too bad the photo is not perfectly sharp.  It must have been my running after Little Pilot while snapping pictures that caused a little unsteady camera holding. :)

I think my favourite photos came once the ice cream had mostly melted/fallen all over the sidewalk.

Little Pilot has been doing this a lot lately with his lips.  I think mostly when concentrating on something important like eating ice cream and planning an escape route at the same time.


The weather has been absolutely beautiful, but I hear it is going to get cooler again tomorrow. :(

16 Mar 2012

fun in the front yard

I wasn't sure whether this week's P52 theme, the "eyes" of March, was to do with eyes or March or if it was another saying that this daughter of Finn parents just didn't learn due to the whole ESL thing.  Nonetheless, I took pictures of Little Pilot having fun during the Canadian spring break that was this week.  The weather has been unusually warm for this time of year.  I think it was around 20 C today when we took these pictures.  I still made Little Pilot wear his winter hat though (He really doesn't have much hair to keep that head warm!).  Little Pilot has been having so much fun being able to play outside more and I think his eyes are extra sparkly.  Perhaps, his "eyes" are reflecting the promise of spring that begins this month (March).

Little Pilot had a lot of fun learning to hide behind a tree from his Mummu.  Yes, there are stains on his sweater from lunch and his mouth is covered in the cookie he got from Mummu. :)

Mummu also helped lift Little Pilot up into the split in one of our Birch tree's trunk.  Little Pilot was thrilled to be so high.

He also figured out that his hat was untied and thus much easier to pull off!

9 Mar 2012

be still

The P52 theme this week is "be still."  The first thing that came to mind is this verse: "Be still and know that I am God.  I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!" Psalm 46:10, ESV and of course, the hymn with that verse in the lyrics.  I think I need to pause more often from my everyday life to "be still" and reflect on how great God really is!  God has blessed us beyond measure and has been with us through many difficult trials that have taught us so much.

We all have been fighting a very bad cold here at Nalle's House for the past week and a half (it's  still working  its way through).  So blogging/photos have taken a backseat to taking care of the family and trying to get well myself.  I managed to get a few photos of one of my best blessings...Little Pilot, of course! :)  He is usually constantly on the move, but if you get him right after his nap when he hasn't quite fully woken you can catch him still for a couple minutes.  These pictures are unedited (no time for that this crazy week!)

Little Pilot is on the new sofa we finally received this week (it was ordered from a local custom sofa manufacturer in December).  We're hoping the grey will hide little finger and snout marks better than the light coloured one that was there before. :)

You can tell Little Pilot has just gotten up from his nap as he's still clutching his lovey, "lammas" (Finnish for sheep).  Little Pilot's nose is still running after a week and a half!

Here the being still is wearing off.  Those eyes are a little more awake already.  You can also see that  Nalle has jumped up on the sofa (we promised he wouldn't be allowed on this one - oh dear!).  I think he wants to see what the fuss is all about (maybe a squirrel). :)

That's all for today.  I hope you have a chance to "be still".

2 Mar 2012

oops, i leaped leap day

I got up on what I thought was leap day and said to Tech Guy,  "I'm going to take my photo for the week today since its leap day and the theme for the weak is "a great leap".  Tech Guy responded with, "You missed it!  It was leap day yesterday.  You leaped right over leap day."  So my leap day photo for P52 was not taken on what I thought was leap day.  Oh dear, I'm getting all my days confused!  So for my non-leap day, leap day photos I tried to take some pictures of my babies leaping.  Very original, huh?

Nalle was only mildly cooperative.  He only fell for the "look there's a orava (squirrel)!" line once.  My pooch is a little too smart for his own good.  So the picture I got of him jumping at the tree (where the squirrels usually are) was only a half run/jump, but we did have really nice snow falling at the time which made for a nice landscape.

Little Pilot, on the other hand, had been very much into climbing and jumping as of late.  He loves to climb up onto this chair.  He can easily grab the back of the seat to pull himself up.  He also figured out how to position the sheepskin on the floor for a soft landing.  Below is a series of pictures that shows how he "jumps" off the chair.  He really sort of slide-jumps down while holding onto the chair, but he is ever SO proud of his big "jump" and will do this repeatedly for quite awhile (especially if he has an audience of Mommy, Mummu, Pappa and Nalle). :)

Those are my boys leaping on non-leap day.

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