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10 Feb 2012

one coffee... sunny side up

The theme for project 52 is "drink up!" this week.  Little Pilot, Nalle and I met Mummu at the local Starbucks and they were having a promotion for their new blonde coffee and gave out little sample cups.  I let Little Pilot hold the cup after it was empty, but he still tried to taste whatever was left. 

Here is a picture with some crazy morning sunlight.  It looks like Little Pilot was rained on with sunshine once he brought the mini Starbucks to his lips. :)

Yes, Little Pilot has a hat knit by Mummu with "Little Pilot" cross-stitched on it.  I guess he has a very devoted fan. :)

Here are a few more pictures of Little Pilot taste-testing.  I love how hard he was concentrating in order to try to get something out of that cup (closed eyes and all!).  The one-eyed look over at Mommy also kills me.  I'm not sure if he actually liked the coffee taste.  He had no smiles just serious concentration.  Maybe its the grown-up coffee beverage that dictated a serious taste-testing. :)

Now, I hope it doesn't look like I feed Little Pilot coffee.  The cup really was empty! 
Have a great weekend!


  1. so cute! Love his hat with his name! =)

  2. Amazing sunlight. Great shots! We can spend big money for the best toys and they still always go for empty cups, water bottles, and cardboard boxes. So funny. Adorable hat and mittens.

  3. that's a great picture! and I love the peak at the front of the hat - I shall be looking for a pattern... ;0)

  4. Such a cute picture! The sunlight is perfect! And the hat?! Adorable!

  5. I love how his face is lost in the cup!


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