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24 Feb 2012


This week's project52 photo prompt is "cabin fever".  I have to be honest in that I didn't take the photo this week.  It was Tech Guy.  I wasn't able to get out to the country this week to take the picture myself.  I sent Tech Guy to a log house that was near our first house in the country.  I gave him specific instructions of how to take the photo, but when he got home I learned that he merely stopped the car and took the photo through the car window.  He said the only part of my instructions that he could remember was to make sure the camera was straight.  Hey, at least we got a photo this week, right?

As for a cabin of my own....  
I think this is as close as it has gotten for me:

Sorry for the poor quality.  It is a scanned photo that my dad took back in the day.  That's me in front of my log playhouse that I had when we lived in Finland.  Too bad we couldn't have brought it over to Canada with us!  Maybe it was just a little too big to fit into the container. :)  Hopefully, we'll be able to build something as nice for Little Pilot to enjoy one day.  I know I have fond memories of my little cabin.


  1. Ok, so the first picture is great, but the second picture is AMAZING! I need one for my garden N-O-W!!!!! (and not necessarily for my daughter...!) My Granny built us a wonderful log cabin when we were small, but she's 80 in a few weeks time, so I guess I shouldn't press her into making me another!

  2. i can imagine all the fun that you had playing in that cabin as a child! how wonderful!

  3. Good job to your hubby. I love the second shot... looks like a place for lots of fun!

  4. Love those cabins! The first one is really cute and a great photo, especially considering it was taken out the car window :) Love your little cabin...amazing quality and charm. All you see these days are the plastic play houses.

  5. Great job on the first picture. Love the second cabin, too.


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