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20 Jan 2012

It's a DC4 or is it a DC6?

I'm  continuing with my project 52.  This week's theme is "I dreamed a dream".  Little Pilot has been quite ill this week so I wasn't overly creative with this one.  I took a photo of some flowers and our giant (4' x 6') airplane print.  

So how do these things tie into the theme?  I don't know how many know that, as a kid, I used to dream of becoming a pilot.  I was told that my dad (who used to be a pilot) had hoped I had been a boy.  You see, they already had a girl, my sister.  After this discovery, I desperately wanted to be "the boy" my dad never had and took a liking to airplanes.  I went to airplane museums and air shows.  I even completed a project in the fifth grade on the F-14 Tomcat.  I think that the love for planes still exists deep down.  Yep, the huge plane print in my dining room might be a good indication of that! :)

So that explains the plane, but what about the flowers?  I just liked their colour against the sepia print. :)  I guess I am also dreaming of spring and getting to work on the garden.  

The flowers were a gift from my sister-in-law.  Don't tulips always look nice in an Aalto vase?

The print is called "Wings over Manhatten".  Pappa says that the plane is a DC6 or a DC4.  You can't see the whole plane in the photo,  but Pappa is pretty good at identifying planes. 

And what does Little Pilot think of this big airplane in the dining room? ... 

He lurves it!  

This picture was taken the day that we put up the picture.  Little Pilot talked about it non-stop, making his famous, "sheeoooo" airplane sound. 

I wonder if some of Little Pilot's airplane love is possibly inherited from Pappa and Mommy?  It will be fun to see if he continues to love airplanes as he grows up and possibly end up with a giant airplane in his dining room. :)


  1. Brilliant pics, I love the pop of colour of the flowers, against the giant black and white plane.


  2. Anything looks good in an aalto vase!

  3. I love all of the plane pictures. It's just great.

  4. The tulips are beautiful! A sure sign of spring coming!

  5. Wonderful story. It is amazing what an impression our dads make on us.

  6. Amazing print and my favorite flowers! I love the contrast of the bright colorful flowers with the B/W, sepia.

  7. Fabulous photo on the wall & those flowers are so pretty


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