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6 Jan 2012

photo resolution

This year I have made a couple resolutions.  The main one being to learn how to use my Pappa's camera. I have been fortunate enough to be allowed to keep borrow it for awhile.  I saw this P52 challenge and thought it might be the perfect way to force myself to learn to take a better photo.  The premise is to take one photo a week based on a theme given.  I'm a little scared.  I am definitely NOT a photographer.  I don't really know how to take a photo and I am not even sure I have an eye for a good shot.  I do know though that I would like to improve this.  Attempting to complete this challenge maybe a little crazy.  I might fail miserably.  I might miss a week.  I might get the boot because my photos aren't up to snuff.  At least I'm trying, right?

Onto the challenge... This week's theme is, very appropriately, resolution.  I took this as a New Year's resolution and tried to capture my photography goal.   Pappa has a collection of vintage cameras and I thought I would take pictures of them.  He has a ton more of these cameras, but I took pictures of just a few.  Pappa is a very good collector.  Anyone who's been to his basement can attest to that. :)

All the cameras are pretty much manual and so I thought they reflected my goal to learn to use the manual settings on my Pappa's camera.  The Christmas lights in the background are also to remind me that this was a New Year's goal.

I have a picture of the Nikon on its own since the camera I am using is a Nikon D200 with an AF-S DX Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G-ED lens.

Here's another picture showing some more of the cameras.  The really old one was my grandmother's when my dad was a child.  I am so glad my dad has this.  There are quite a few very cool black and white photos of my dad and his siblings that were taken with this camera.  I think it's fun that these pictures show that the photography hobby lives on our family.

Here's just one more shot showing yet another camera, a Pentax.

I love vintage stuff.  Maybe I can borrow some of these cameras to display at Nalle's House (in Tech Guy's den, maybe?).  The den's another room that still needs finishing touches (Yikes!).  I think our house projects are a standing New Year's resolution every year. :)  

Wish me luck with my new photography adventure!


  1. What an amazing collection of cameras, no end of inspiration there! Good luck with the project 52, I also hope to improve my understanding of photography using p52 this year.

  2. wow! this collection is amazing! and i love the photos - i don't think you have to worry at all about taking a good photo or your eye, as these are all quite nice! look forward to seeing your photo next week. xo

  3. Hello!
    I really like your photo, and great your resolution!
    Petonets xoxo

  4. this is fantastic, now come along and join film26!

  5. I'm drooling over all these cameras. These are fantastic pictures and you totally have the eye for it. I think you're a pro pretending to be a beginner :) The picture of your one-year-old and dog, on the sidebar, is also adorable.

  6. Such an awesome collection of cameras! I am impressed! And your photos are wonderful-great compositions and lighting. You're good! And the one of your baby and dog looking out the window, Oomph! So sweet!

    Happy New Year!

  7. That is a wonderful collection of cameras! Your photos are good! You will have a lot of fun learning how to use your camera!

  8. Thanks all for the wonderful comments and encouragement. Much appreciated!

  9. A fun collection. Good start on your photos too!

  10. That is VERY cool. Hope you have a lot of fun!

  11. ooh I love it! I have a couple of box brownie cameras that belonged to my in laws as well as a 1920's kodak camera. Im looking forward to seeing your progress!

  12. Wow! How cool is that to have all of those cameras! Love the photos-great Bokeh:)

  13. you told you're not a photographer ???!!!??? I'm sorry to tell you this is a big mistake : you're a real photographer ! I love what you did !!!

  14. Quite a collection! What lovely photos you take, beautiful.

  15. What an amazing collection - I learned to shoot on a fully manual Pentax K1000 :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog!


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