23 Jan 2012

nalle's #1 feeder & a new highchair

I've been plugging away at my project list and one of the items was to make a slipcover for Little Pilot's highchair.  We purchased this one recently, in addition to his regular highchair, so that he would be able to sit at the kitchen island.  It has probably been one of the most useful baby gear purchases we have made.  The highchair is the Phil & Ted's Me Too.  Little Pilot loves to sit in it and "help" me in the kitchen.  Little Pilot does not sit still at all usually (he's constantly on the go), but in this chair he's good for quite awhile.  This has been a life saver!

The only issue I ended up having with it was that the cover was not removable.  It was really difficult to wipe down and I couldn't throw it into the wash.  Enter in the slipcover I made this week.  Let's look at  the before and after:

I chose an outdoor fabric for the cover which has been super easy to wipe off so far.  I was so happy to find fabric in same turquoise as our backsplash.  I think it adds a nice pop of colour to our island, n'est pas? :)

Here's Little Pilot trying out his new highchair slipcover.  I think he likes it!

Now for it in action....
Please don't mind the food in the mouth we will work on chewing with our mouths closed soon.  That goes for Daddy too. :)  This was a rare occurrence with Little Pilot actually wearing his bib.  I think here Mummu was trying to coax him into wearing it by wrapping a tea towel around her neck as her "bib".  Nalle dutifully sitting under/next to Little Pilot's chair, on the other hand, is extremely usual.

You can see why in this photo:

Yep, Little Pilot is probably the best Nalle feeder in the house.  I think he has just edged out Pappa for this title. :)

Overall, I am really happy with how the slipcover turned out.  I will be back with a "how to" in case anyone else has also run into the same situation with this type of highchair.


  1. Funny!! Yes, highchairs should be bullet proof. Really cool cover. STUNNING kitchen by the way...

  2. The slipcover looks great! I can't wait to read how you made it.


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