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13 Jan 2012

made with love

This week's project52 theme is "made with love".  I actually had a hard time trying to choose something I've made to take a photo of.  Do I pick something I've baked, sewed, knitted, DIYed, crafted, etc.?  What would look good in a photo and how could I make it interesting?  I decided that I would pick something that was especially meaningful and definitely made with love.  I chose a knitted project, a baby blanket, that I started during my first pregnancy.

I had patiently waited for the first 12 weeks of the pregnancy to go by before I started knitting.  I can remember how excited I was to finally begin knitting for my very own baby-to-be.  I had gotten a pretty good start on the project when in my 14th week we lost the baby.  It was an incredibly difficult time for us.  I had to take a significant amount of time off of work as my OBGYN wanted me to miscarry naturally and there were minor complications.  All that time at home was hard, but it also gave me time to mourn.  One of the things that helped a great deal was to finish this blanket.  I didn't want to at first.  I wasn't sure how I would feel about completing it and possibly using it for another baby.  I even remember doubting we would ever have another baby in those weeks following.

Today, I am happy to say I did complete the project.  I think it very well reflects this week's theme of "made with love".  It was made with love for a baby we did not get to meet and was used with love for our Little Pilot.  I am glad I now have something to remember that first baby by.  God gave me the strength to complete the project and to have faith that another little baby would use it someday and for that I feel blessed beyond measure.

Now, here's my photo for this week.  I tried to focus on the blanket, but Little Pilot also gets to be in there because, as Tech Guy puts it, he was made with love too. :)  I think I was able to take about 2 pictures before Little Pilot woke up.  He's in that stage now when he wakes up way too easily.  Thankfully, one of them was okay.

This blanket is two-sided.  It has stripes on one side and squares on the other.  The pattern is from one of my favourite baby knits book Essential Baby.  The yarn used was Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.

I had to put a picture of the blanket with Little Pilot's lovey.  It's a little sheep that a dear friend made for my baby shower.  When we got it originally it had a lovely turquoise ribbon around the neck with a cute button.  I had it as a decoration in Little Pilot's room, but somehow he decided it would be his lovey and now it is quite threadbare and not so white anymore (despite multiple washings).  I was given some of the material to make a back up sheep, but I haven't gotten around to making it yet.  It's another item on my unending project list that needs to be bumped to the top!

Here are some more up close details of the blanket (both sides).  I love the moss stitch border.

Lastly, another one with Little Pilot.  I love how you can see his swooping fine hair in this photo and that the soft colours of the blanket don't over power his fair hair and complexion.

Thanks for taking a look at my baby blanket project and for letting me share my story. :)

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  1. what a lovely post, and so wonderful that your little boy loves the blanket that is so precious to you.

    I had the same quandary when choosing something for this week's theme. Not just: shall I choose something knitted, sewn, baked etc, but also should I choose something made by me, my Mum, or my Granny? Eventually my daughter's work won ;0)

  2. Oh my, it's just beautiful!! And your son is adorble...

  3. What a wonderful story! Definitely a blanket filled with love!

    Stopping by from p52.

  4. What a gorgeous blanket that was really made with love. Your baby is gorgeous too!

  5. Loved your story. The blanket is beautiful as is your baby. :)

  6. Love the blanket & such sweet photos

  7. oh this is so beautiful!! I LOVE this.

  8. oh anu... and now, you've also WRITTEN a beautiful love story ♥
    i think you chose the most perfect piece made with love...
    and you know, the sheep was also made with love for a baby i had yet to meet- your little pilot ♥

  9. Thanks for sharing that story, it was beautiful. =) Your little man is a cutie pie and the blanket is awesome!

  10. Beautiful blanket, and yes, he certainly qualifies for "made with love." What a sweet boy!


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