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12 Jan 2012

I've been mooding

I don't think mooding is a word, but it's what I've been doing.  I made a mood board for our bedroom.  Tech Guy and I have decided that we have to start tackling some of the decorating on our main floor.  We have completed most of the major renos, but have been really slow to decorate.  The plan is to start at one end of our house and work our way over.  We're in a ranch bungalow that has the bedrooms on one end and the living areas on the other end.  So our bedroom was first.

Before I show you what we're hoping to do.  I thought I would show you what the room looked like during our initial viewing.  

Here's a view from the door with the original 60s drapery.

The closet is on the same wall as the door.  You can also see the lovely mint-coloured walls in this picture.

Here is the wall to the right of the door and the window.  You can see the half bath that adjoins with the original 60s yellow tiles and vanity.

So now that you have had a glimpse of what the room looked like before, here is the mood board I created (we are hoping to use a lot of the things that we already have and included them). 

1.  This is a West Elm shower curtain, but it reflects what the material I picked up from Fabricland will look like once it is railroaded and sewn into curtains

2.  I picked up a pair of lamps like these ones (Crate and Barrel) from Big Lots awhile ago.

3.   This is the light fixture Tech Guy will have to wire for us (the room did not have an over head light).

4.  This is the bedding we own from West Elm (I think its discontinued - its name was Imperial)

5.  We are working on a DIY upholstered headboard similar to this one.

6.  We also have this Mandala coverlet and shams from the DwellStudio for Target collection bought a couple of years ago.  It helps tie into that yellow 1/2 bath!

7.  This is a dresser I found via Google images (the blog it linked back to didn't have the source).  I also photoshopped the chevron to grey from green.  I'm thinking we will make and/or paint some nightstands with a fun pattern.

8.  I may make some throw cushions for the bed from this fabric that I have left over from Little Pilot's floor pillow and diaper bag projects.

9.  We're going to build some picture ledges for over the dresser.  These ones are from Ana White's plan, but we are thinking of modifying them a bit.

10.  We have some dressers that were hand-me-downs from Mummu and Pappa that are the walnut colour of this dresser.

So that's the mood board for our room.  I hope we can have it somewhat completed soon and be able to share the after pictures.

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