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25 Jan 2012

highchair slipcover how to

I'm back with the how to for Little Pilot's highchair slipcover.  You can read my initial post about it here.  The slipcover was made out of necessity as Little Pilot's highchair (Phil & Ted's Me Too) did not have a removable cover and was getting difficult to clean.  I used outdoor fabric that is super durable, washable and wipeable.  Here is a little before and after:

Before we get started I want to note that I did not make slots for the safety straps on my cover as Little Pilot refuses to wear them and I am always with him when he is in the chair.  This does NOT mean I recommend not using the safety straps.  It was made this way as I know I have never used the safety straps with Little Pilot.  I will try and note in my "how to" where I would make changes to include the straps below.  

Let's get started with the "how to".  

1.  First you will need to make a pattern for your particular highchair.  I traced the bottom/seat of the chair by placing it on a piece of paper and tracing it.  I then cut it out to make the seat pattern.

Using this pattern, cut out your seat piece from your fabric adding a 1/4 or 1/2" seam allowance (whichever you prefer) around the rounded edges and a 1" seam allowance along the front straight edge.  The straight edge will be double folded and stitched as a finished edge (see below).

* If you are including the straps.  Mark the location and width of them on your seat pattern and make notches on your seam allowance for the seat to indicate their location.

2.  For the sides I measured the width/circumference of the seat and then the height using a measuring tape.

I then cut a rectangle from my fabric.  The width of this rectangle was the circumference plus twice my side seem allowance (0.5").  Thus, my width was 25.5" + 0.5" + 0.5" = 26.5".  The height of the rectangle was the height of my highchair x2 (as the cover wraps the inside and outside of the chair) plus 1" (my finished edge seem allowance) and 0.5"seam allowance.  In my case it was 8" + 8"+ 1" + 0.5" = 17.5"
You can see the two pieces cut out in this photo.

Onto the sewing...

3.  The first seam I sewed was the finished edge of the seat - a double folded 1/2" hem.

4.  I then sewed the finished side/short edges of the rectangle - I made a double folded 1/4" hems on either side.

5.  Now you are ready to attach the rectangle to the seat.  Sew one of the long (unfinished) edges to the rounded edge of the seat using your 1/4" - 1/2"seam allowance you decided on in step 1.  The finished edges should line up at the front edge of the seat.

You will end up with a pouch something like this.

You will also want to finish the raw edges with a zigzag or other finishing stitch to prevent fraying.

*  If you have included a spot for your straps in step 1,  stitch up to and in-between your marked spots leaving two slots.  To finish the open slots: zig zag the edge and fold over the seam allowance and then topstitch around the entire slot opening.

6.  Sew the bottom edge of your side with a 1/2" double hem.  This will finish off the bottom edge.

7.  Make your ties.  I made mine from my fabric, but you could use some fun ribbon if you wanted as well.  I cut 4 strips of fabric that were 1' x 17".  I folded the strips in three (kind of like a letter) and zig-zag stitched them closed.  I then cut each strip in half to end up with eight ties.  The ends were folded over a 1/4" and straight stitched to finish.

8.  Place the ties on your slipover.  I fitted my cover on the highchair and then pinned the ties where I wanted them.  I then removed the cover stitched the ties reinforcing them well.

 * if including slots for the safety straps that are over the shoulder as well (i.e., come out from the top of the seat), I would mark the width and location of these straps at the top of the cover where it folds over.  Then stitch button holes in your marked spots to create the openings.

Thanks for taking a look at my "how to".  Please let me know if you have any questions.

One last photo of the new slipcover in action - just to make this post more enjoyable for the grandparents :).

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  1. This is so cute! I love the fabric you chose! And I adore your blue tile! Gorgeous!

  2. That just goes so perfectly in the kitchen. Love your stylish boy! I am a new follower visiting from Thirty Handmade Days. Vicky from Mess For Less

  3. I'm sorry, but I'm so distracted by your kitchen! It's beautiful.

    Though your son is cuter, especially in his kitchen-coordinated seat. Great job!

  4. The highchair slipcover is genius and I love the fabric you chose. But oh how I want to be transported into your kitchen so I can stair at that gorgeous blue tile all day long! Found you on TT&J.

    Jackie, www.tealandlime.com

  5. Love the fabric you chose! Matches your kitchen great. Very cute!

  6. oh my goodness...one day I will be a gramma and I am going to bookmark this! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Now off I go to read you rblog!

  7. So cute! I just found your blog from TT&J and I have to admit, I'm smitten! I just had my son Wyatt 8 months ago so I love a good momma blog! Stop by and say hello sometime!

  8. VERY cute! I love that fabric, too!

  9. Great idea - we used that seat with my youngest and it worked out so well - just kind of hard to clean!

  10. Beautiful job...on the slipcover and the tutorial!!! Well done!

  11. Featuring YOU over on my blog this morning. :) Thank you so much for sharing at last week's {wow} me wednesday party!

    Ginger @ gingersnapcrafts.com


  12. what a GREAT idea! Love the fabric you chose too!! I'd love for you to share this over at our Trash 2 Treasure Party! http://kammyskorner.blogspot.com/2012/02/trash-2-treasure-tuesday-18.html

  13. Awesome!!! Thank you for giving me the courage to try this with my FP Space Saver high chair!!! I want to match my dining room chair slips :)

  14. So cute! I really like the fabric that you chose too. :)


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