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23 Dec 2011

Santa Cries

We hit up another Christmas must:  Santa Claus and it went exactly how we anticipated.  Little Pilot was very excited to see Santa/all the decorations/kids from a distance, but when he sat on Santa's knee this is what happened:
Don't mind the poor pic quality.  It was taken with our phone.  

The photographer also took a few pics and this is the best that we got:

Still crying, but we love it.  Don't worry too much though, the trauma was short-lived.  The tears stopped as soon as Little Pilot was in my arms again.  He also got his first taste of a candy cane and loved it.  So not all was bad for Little Pilot.  I wonder if Little Pilot's reaction had partly to do with the fact that Santa's not, at all, a big deal at our house.  We tend to focus on the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus.  Now nativity scenes and baby Jesus, Little Pilot has no issues with. :)

It will be fun to look back at these photos in Christmases to come and see how Little Pilot's reaction changes (at least I hope it will).  I think I am just as pleased with the picture we got (maybe even more so!) than with one where he would be smiling perfectly.  It will allow us to remember how he was.  I love you Little Pilot.  Merry Christmas!

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