12 Dec 2011

santa claus parade

Originally posted:  November 22, 2011

It may have been a little early to post a winter fun list since it technically isn’t winter yet, but we already got a head start on our list, yay!  Yep, we attended our local Santa Claus parade.  It is very budget and small especially if you compare it to the parades in larger cities, but  it was perfect for us.  It was in walking distance, not too long and not too crowded = we can bring our one year-old and puppy (the main reason for going to the parade).
The one hitch in our plan was that Little Pilot fell asleep right before it was time to go over to the parade.  He has been working on switching over to one nap a day and sometimes still falls asleep in the morning.  We decided to put him in his buggy and head over anyway.  Little Pilot woke up during that transfer and actually ended up staying up for the whole parade and hence looks rather sleepy in the pics.
We had a nice church across the road from our spot.

We were also close to this clock tower.

Here's the best I could get of Little Pilot and Nalle together.  They were both so good during the whole parade.

The floats weren’t that great so there aren’t too many pics, but we did really like this vintage tractor with the Grinch.

I loved how Little Pilot was soooo serious as he watched EVERY part of the parade.  He did not make a single peep!  I’m not sure if it was that he was super tired or super excited…maybe both.

The finale was this guy.

Not at all predictable, huh?  Well, I would have to say the true finale was our sleeping Little Pilot seconds after Santa passed by (too bad I didn’t take a photo).
Santa Claus parade, check.

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