14 Dec 2011

nursery reveal

Originally posted:  December 10, 2011

This is the first post about our house:  Little Pilot’s nursery.  The room is not completely finished.  I don’t think any room in our house ever will be since I am completely indecisive and like to switch things up all the time.  We absolutely luurve our Little Pilot and tried to make all the things in his room extra special or meaningful.  This made designing his room fun and I am happy with it so far.  So here is Little Pilot’s nursery tour:

“Welcome to my room!”

The crib and bedding were gifts from Mummu and were the starting off points for the room.  We didn’t know the sex of the baby before we had Little Pilot, but I guess Mummu was spot on when she bought the blue and turquoise bedding.  This room has a lot of DIY stuff and vintage/sentimental items.

This is the view from the closet (in case you were ever wondering what the room looks like from the closet! :) ).
Let’s start with the right/crib side of the room.

The crib is from Nursery Works and the glider is from Monte (via craigslist).  The bedding is fromDwell Studio and the fabric on the cushion is  Thomas Paul for Duralee.

The pictures above Little Pilot’s crib all have a special meaning.  The guardian angel picture was originally in Tech Guy’s room when he was a child.  We spray painted the frame (it was gold before).  The two photos are Little Pilot’s favourite:  his best bud, Nalle and his Pappa’s airplane. The airplane picture Pappa took and developed himself long before I was around.  I hung it simply with a ribbon and some eye hooks. I also added the Christmas decorations for fun.  The last picture is a photocopy from my sister’s first grade reader.  One of the characters’ name is the same as Little Pilot’s (It’s blurred out to keep it private).  I am still hoping to add some more to this picture arrangement to complete it.

This is Little Pilot’s bunny shelf (scored at a yard sale).  It has a Christmas theme going on it right now.  The Fisher Price vintage fire truck ornament was purchased at the Fisher Price toy store in East Aurora during a vacation.  The picture is a printable that I found here.  The vintage Bunnykins bank was a gift Little Pilot received last Christmas.

The side table is a reproduction Aalto stool that we had in my parents’ kitchen when I was growing up.  The lamp came from HomeSense.
This pillow sits on the floor.  It is one of most useful things I made for this room.  Mummu knit the seed stitch cover and the fabric on the back is the same as I used around the base of Little Pilot’s Christmas tree.  The pattern for the pillow came from Debbie Bliss’ book: Essential Baby.
Now onto the other side of the room…

The changetable is also from Nursery Works.  The floating shelf was from Home Depot and the mirror was left behind by the previous owner of our last house.  We painted it using paint matched to the floor pillow yarn.  The coat rack is another yard sale find.

The mirror has a little bit of Christmas going on with a turquoise ribbon and his daddy’s snowboarding ornament.

Here are more details of the shelf.  The elephant was mine when I was a little squirt.  There are also a bunch more yard sale finds (Sesame Street clock, Happy Apple, old box), Little Pilot’s first shoes and his favourite Cesna airplane.  There is also a little Christmas in there with the red and green beads.

This vintage Fisher Price airport was Tech Guy’s when he was a kiddo and is one of Little Pilot’s faves.  He has just recently started using the airport as a step stool/ better squirrel-watching vantage point :) .

The curtains I made from two shower curtains also from Dwell Studio.  They weren’t long enough so I added some white cotton canvas to the bottoms.

The bookshelf Tech Guy and I made on the day I went into labour.  It was modified from these Ana White plans. It actually sits on the little bit of wall between the door to the room and the closet.   The Panadamania print was from our local Restore and is an old print from the Toronto Zoo.

This little stool was a baby shower gift.  You can also see a little of Little Pilot’s open concept closet :) .  We haven’t gotten around to putting the new doors on yet (they were louvered bi-folds before).

Thanks for visiting my room.  I’m off to play now!


  1. Love, Love, LOVE the vintage touches in here! I've been dying to get my hands on that little pull puppy for my son's room. I had one when I was little! You can check my Preston's toddler room out at http://budgetbeautifulbungalow.blogspot.com

    The colors are fab too, and the details on the coat tree are great! The feeling you created in his space is just perfection...and the mix of old, modern and graphic is so unique! I can't believe I'm the first to comment here. This space has been over looked in our bloggy world!

  2. What a cute nursery. I love how sophisticated it looks but still kid friendly. Those curtains are amazing.


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