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12 Dec 2011

new winter hat and mittens

Originally posted:  November 15, 2011

We’ve had a bit of frost a few mornings over here at Nalle’s house.  That means, unfortunately, winter is just around the corner.  One good thing about winter, though, is that it is the perfect season for knitting.  Mummu has, once again, knit a beautiful hat and mittens for Little Pilot.  I’ve noticed that I haven’t received very many of these hand knits lately.  Hmmm, I wonder if it has anything to do with how cute they look on Little Pilot  :)

Yes, I know, I probably could have gotten a better effect had I put Little Pilot in his snowsuit and gone outside.  Little Pilot is not a fan of getting dressed/diaper changed/sleeping/or anything that stops him from moving so I 
was lazy
 decided to skip the dressing struggle this time.  I did manage to take him out to the front lawn for a pic though (still no coat :) ).

Notice the long cuffs and the string around the wrist?  Those are Mummu-patented “mitts stay on baby” tricks.  They do work pretty well.  Little Pilot had a real tough time pulling those puppies off! :)  His mittens are also very “en trend” with their chevron pattern. :)
The pattern for the hat can be found here.  It is in Finnish and I will try and come back with another post with it translated into English.  I also am planning on posting the mitten pattern soon (it’s one that I designed).  More knitting to come!

linked to:  the CSI project

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