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11 Dec 2011

a boy and his dog

originally posted: November 10, 2011

This blog has been up for a while now and haven’t even written about, Nalle, this blog’s namesake.  My bad!  Nalle is our 5 year-old golden retriever.  His name means “teddy bear” in Finnish.  He luuurves people.  If you’re out for a walk and he spots a friendly face across the road, watch out! He may very well drag you and the baby carriage right behind him!  Nalle’s favourite thing to do, other than beg for food, is to chase squirrels in the backyard.
So here he is:

Quite the handsome pup, if I do say so myself.
Nalle is also Little Pilot’s best friend.  Little Pilot is always hugging Nalle and snuggling his face into Nalle’s fur.  It is really so sweet.

One of Little Pilot’s first words was “orava” (“squirrel” in Finnish).  I think they really bond over squirrel-watching. :)

Just a little more baby and puppy love…
Ah, my boys!  They put a smile on my lips and make my heart go pitter patter :).  I am so blessed!


  1. Your Nalle is lovely! I wish my dog would be more cuddly but he basically moves when the girls get too close. :) He doesn't want his space invaded. On the other hand he's very protective of them. Loved the photos of Little Pilot hugging Nalle. I don't have a chance of getting that kind of shots with my girls and Gimli.

    1. Nalle loves people. He has a great temperament with the boys - he takes all of the hair pulling and climbing really well. :)


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