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29 Dec 2011

a baby proof fireplace for the holidays

A while ago we were running into a small problem with our fireplace (a non-functioning wood-burning one).  Little Pilot was finding the screen and log set that the previous owners left behind far too interesting.

I was getting a little tired of prying him off of the fire screen and worrying that he would pull it down on himself.  The hearth was also getting scratched from the brass legs being dragged across it (about a hundred times every hour!).

So it was high time that we did something about it.  I didn't have anything really planned for the firebox other than to remove the screen and logs.  We also gave it a good vacuuming and cleaning.  Little Pilot was right there with me.  That little guy sure loves the vacuum (even though his face looks otherwise in this pic)!

His hair even got all mussed up from all that cleaning.  I wonder if his mommy accidentally vacuumed it?  No, I couldn't have done that!  Must be some wicked bedhead. :)

We actually left our fireplace wide open for awhile and it did lose its appeal for Little Pilot.  SUCCESS!  In the meantime, I was looking at some options for what to do with it.  I was liking the idea of placing logs in it like this:
 via pinterest

 or this fun chalkboard idea:

But, alas, this was another project on the back burner.  Why do I seem to have an unending list of projects?

For Christmastime we really wanted to have something in the fireplace.  Upgrading to a gas fireplace was not a gift to ourselves that we had budgeted for so we came up with the idea of using twinkle lights.  They seemed the best and safest way to add some light to that empty hole of a fireplace.  We originally thought we would go out and get some lanterns and put the lights in them.  Something like this:

 We ended up running out of time before we got around to actually buying the lanterns before Christmas.  So, on Christmas Eve, we pulled out, from the garage, the log set that had lived in our fireplace before.  We decided to wrap the lights around the logs.  Of course, Little Pilot was there to help.  That's our little DIYer! :)

Here is a close-up of how the lights looked:

Here's the whole mantle set up:

I think it looks much better than that empty black hole.  And as for, Little Pilot?  He has left it alone for the most part, but we can't seem to get him away from pulling any and all cords out of the socket!  Not to self:  must look into how to baby proof cords.  

1 comment:

  1. I think this is genious! Just got an idea on what to do with the fireplace when not on fire! :)


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